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Legend of Dragoon RP!
A place where you can role play in the Legend of Dragoon world. This takes place many years after the original and most of the main cast has already died and now the new generation of Dragoons have to rise up.
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Dragoons of the New Age Awaken
The world has been thrown into chaos once more. The Moon That Never Sets has risen in the sky again, a mystery, a fear. The Dragoons have been dead for years, their children the only surviving legacy of them. Now the New Age Dragoons must find out why The Moon That Never Sets has risen again, what has caused Soa to recreate it, and stop the end of the world.
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Legend of dragoon
talk here about anything you like OR hate about the legend of dragoon.
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Legend of Dragoon
Welcome to the world of Ediness, here we'll have role play threads for old characters and new characters alike and so, feel free to join in.
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Legend Of Dragoon Rpg
Just make a dragoon character and r.p here if you want.
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The Legend of Dragoon The Final Frontier
A civil war has erupted, causing chaos and turmoil in all of Endiness. No country is safe from the wages of war. With the Dragoons of Old long deceased, it's up to the new Dragoons, a group of teenagers, to step up and do what the Dragoons of Old had already done: save the world.
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