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Hylian Tower
Welcome to Hylian Tower, a place for people to discuss the Zelda series and make new friends. Everyone is welcome, so long as you follow the rules.
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Legend of Zelda RPing
Hello and welcome to the most successful Legend of Zelda RP forum on FanFiction. Why are we so successful? Why haven't we died like so many others? We take care of our forums. We ban the trolls, enforce the rules, and don't act like gods. And most of all, we listen to your ideas. Everyone can submit ideas for new RPs, new creatures, new weapons, new places, anything and everything. So come on in and enjoy!
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Legend of Zelda: Aria of Eternity
There are those villains who surpass even the grasp of time. This is the tale of the battles against them.
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Legend of Zelda: Roleplay Through Time
Here's a roleplay through time.
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Wind Waker Mafia
After something unexpected happens, characters travel all over The Great Sea to see who the main instigator of this incident is. This is...WIND WAKER MAFIA!
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Forum of Chaos and RPGs
Our Fantasy RPGs are the future of computer RolePlaying. Professional Dungeon masters and RPGs that are accessible to any newbie are available in two classes: Regular RP or StatCollecting Fantasy RPGs!
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Legend of Zelda: Rp and Talk
Seen a lot of these that were dead, so I thought to give a whack at it. Anybody is welcome.
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Bunch a' Zelsa RPs!
Here is a bunch of Zelda RPs that you can have fun on. They are all about Zelda, so come here and find an RP you like!
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Legend of Zelda: Prophecy of the Gate
In yet another alternate universe, Hyrule Academy seems like your average school, and no one would guess it hides a gate leading to a different dimension flooded with magic and monsters. HA holds another school there, one where they train special students to learn combat abilities and weaponry. Their goal? Find the traitors hiding in both dimensions, waiting for the right moment to attack from inside the schools. Claim a canon character or create an OC and join this new adventure!
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Legend of Zelda: United Resistance NEW STORY
United Resistance? That story ended. United Revolution is part 2 of the series. This one features new heroes as well as old. Dragon Armour isn't used very much. However, new Elemental Evolutions will be revealed!
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Legend of Legends
Let's make our OWN legends, people! Link can't have ALL the glory! Come with your original characters and join me!
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Hall of Legends - A Legend of Zelda RP and Discussion Forum
With dead forums cropping up all over the place, avid RPers are running out of places to express and challenge their creativity. But, with a team of dedicated and helpful mods who listen and encourage new ideas, Hall of Legends is here to keep the world of Zelda alive in RPs suited for every level of experience. Whether you want to defend or ruin Hyrule or simply lose yourself in a world brimming with possibility, this is the forum for you with endless opportunities to develop characters and have fun.
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Legend of Zelda: Role Plays of Awesomeness
Here it is! A place where we can all RP our Favs Game! Weather it's Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, or Spirit Tracks, it's welcome here! Just make sure you bring your creativty and fun!
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Legend of Zelda: Roleplay Though Time
Roleplay through your favorite games of the series!
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Twilight Princess: The Guardians of Hyrule
RP forum. Two years after the events of the game. An ancient force is stirring, threatening peace. Creatures created by the goddesses to protect the people but turned on them were sealed away long ago. Now, they are beginning to awaken...
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 1,539 - Since: 12-08-08 - Admin: Stormsworder
Legend of Zelda RP story!
A role play based Zelda story! All are invited to join! Be sure to include a character profile and swearing is allowed!Now with a Truth or Dare topic!
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Hyrule Warriors Mafia
The battle is not over yet! A mafia is terrorizing the land of Hyrule by plaguing war while killing people from within. And a group is needed to take them down! And, a mafia is also needed as well. As well as a Neutral, and a Mystery Role. But they need you, think of what will be lost! Ratio 11:5:1:1
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The Legend of Zelda: The Sword of Light
It is Hyrule after Spirit Tracks. The Zora have come from a land of technology and gave the gift of technology to Hyrule. Hyrule becomes like Hyrule of Skyward Sword. The Rito and Korok come from the Great Sea and populate Hyrule, along with the Gerudo.
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BotW RP Forum
A Breath of the Wild rp.
English - Topics: 17 - Posts: 1,197 - Since: 06-13-16 - Admin: Os42
the white room
This is the new place to be! RPG, chat, and even muse chat are here!
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 908 - Since: 03-26-08 - Admin: Lazruh
LoZ OoT Role-Play
OoT 3D RPG Re-make. Ocs are encouraged, they can be good or evil. Can claim charecters.
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 855 - Since: 08-14-12 - Admin: Gerudo Link
Legend of Zelda RP
Come and join Link on an amazing adventure! Oc's and monsters allowed as long as the monsters are in the games.
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Certifiably Insane LoZ Pairings Project
A group effort to write a oneshot for every LoZ pairing. Details within.
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Fangirls, fanboys, and just plain Link lovers! Welcome to LIAHFIA- Link in All His Forms Is Awesome. Come here to discuss absolutely anything about our favorite Hylian Hero! NO FLAMES.
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Boys Will Be Boys
YAOI! YAOI! YAOI! Zelda yaoi, to be precise! I see no forums on Zelda yaoi, so here's one! Doesn't even hafta include Link, just needs two ... even three male characters! YAAAAAAAAOI!
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 542 - Since: 03-09-07 - Admin: Stubbi the Humble Chimneysweep
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