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Magic, the new adventures
Take control of your favorite creatures as you wander the multiverse causing chaos or bringing order in your wake!
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Magic The Gathering, AU RP
This is an AU RP, no walkers. Come on in, make an OC and RP. No, you cannot claim Cannons.
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Magic: The Fanfictions
Let's talk about Magic fanfictions! Talk to fellow authors, readers, and, of course, gamers!
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The Problem With Kessig
You are an inhabitant of a small village in Kessig, a small region of a small planet within the small plane of Innistrad. Werewolves run rampant here. The townsfolk can tell from the pattern of livestock that two live among them, but the livestock have all been eaten now. The humans are next to be hunted… Basically, like that werewolf version of Mafia. Because Mafia is awesome.
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The Awakening
Use this forum to discuss The Awakening fanfic or its prequel, Magic: The Gathering vs YuGiOh!
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