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Maplestory FanFic Club
Writers, readers, anyone welcome!
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MapleStory Fanfiction
A forum where you post things related to MapleStory fanfiction. Just say anything.
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MapleWorld Alliance
Welcome to the Alliance of MapleWorld! In this alliance, we stand united against all threats to MapleWorld. Together, we can join forces and defeat the Black Mage!
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What do you like about the game?
chit chat
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This is the forum for anyone who wants to talk about Maplestory or stuff. I also will be holding trades here soon.
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Maple Story
hi, my character is Ultimatepuff...in Windia....hi
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Who's the strongest race? Mage, Thief, Warrior, or
List whatcha like about it! What's your favorite job? Mine's Warrior! Were strong, brave, and we take in more damage than 2 thieves. or, i might be wrong, which is often.
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Bera Maplers
Although Maplers on other servers are allowed. I don't really know that many people who play on Bera in Maple Story, and I didn't like how the only to do PQs otherwise would be to get random people together and probably the only one in the party actual
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From A Slime's Point Of View
My favorite monster on maplestory is a slime. Aren't they just soo cute? They Are arn't they? Anyway, I beileve that Slimes should not be killed and they should be treated like any other Mapler. This Slime, Slimzey, such a creative name right? believes
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the cloud balcony
unoriginally named after the maple map. a forum for introductions, searches, recommendations, centred on the authors and fics of MapleStory: hopefully a place for readers to find writers and writers to find readers.
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Maplestory Mercedes RPG
RPG here for fun. I love Mercedes so RPG Mercedes here!
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