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A Game of Mafia MarioThemed
Come on in and play a game of Mario-themed Mafia, made by the very one who wrote Mafia: Mario. Remember to follow the rules that are set, and follow the general Fanfiction forum rules.
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AdmiralBobbery's Mafia Collection
Welcome to my mafia collection, where you can watch or play mafia games, or just hang out in the chats!
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The Mole
It's a game! But not just a game! It's... THE MOLE!
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Survivor: Battle of the Authors
Survivor is coming back to Fanfiction! This is starting this week! PM ASAP if your interested! ONLY PEOPLE WHO ARE COMPETING WILL BE ALLOWED TO POST ON THESE FORUMS! So don't forget to outwit, outplay, and outlast the rest!
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Let's-a Talk About Mario!
Okay, uh. Let's see, um, how do I start this? :P Got it! Anyone that wants to talk about anything Mario related should come here! Please talk about what the thread is about, in order to avoid confusion.
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Fall Of Bowser
The rule of Bowser has come to an end by the hands of a mysterious group known publicly as the "Midnight Mafia". These 6 masquerade as ordinary townies and aim to fool the truly innocent in the world's first round table trial. Will they succeed, or fail?
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Super Mario Mafia: Here We Go Again
A re-done version of Super Mario Mafia. This is going to be a fresh new start on my mafia game and we are starting off with a clean slate so forget about all the drama that happened last game and let's just have some fun!
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The Mole: Spy Among Authors
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Super Mario RP
You all know what an RP is! If ya don't it's simple! 1. Make an OC that follows the RP's rules. 2. Play with other RPers in the RP.
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Flipside Mafia
They watched as Count Bleck and the others left, not knowing that they'd never see most of them again. This had been a very poor festival indeed. With everyone gathered in Flipside, they are easy targets for the mafia. No one knows who, exactly, is lurking in the shadows? Can the good town survive, or will they be enveloped in darkness? Ratio: 13:6:1:1
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Roleplay of Randomness!
Basically, I got bored. That's mainly how these things come up. Just a totally random Roleplay, mainly in The Mushroom Kingdom, but we can go anywhere in the fictionverse! Rated K, no higher. Fezzes64
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Paper Mario Roleplay
Create an OC to venture into the world of Paper Mario! Create a character, or choose one of the canon characters, choose to roleplay in one of the games, Original, TTYD and Super Paper Mario or roleplay your own adventure!
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The Bowser Apocalypse
12-21-2012. We laughed about a possible ending. Would it be aliens? A natural disaster? Or just, as we all expect, nothing? Turns out the world does end, just not an end as we know it. A Mario/(semi)-real life RP with a dark but otherwise simple story.
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Mafia: Mario Enemies Edition
Okay, this is my first porum ever and I wish to host a mafia game... So it's basically mafia with Mario enemy characters. :)
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Super Mario RP:Darkness on the Horizon
A new villain threatens the universe! Create an OC or use a Canon Character to defeat this new menace!
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Super Mario RP Forum
LOCKED UP! THIS IS DEAD! IT HAD TO BE DONE! SORRY! Ahem, excuse the caps, but I'm locking this up. It's dead anyways.
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Super Mario Sunshine Mafia
When Mario and his friends arrive in sunny Isle Delfino for a break from all the ruckus back home, they get more of a warm welcome than they bargained for. A suspicious message states that a shadowy group is using this gathering of the Mushroom Kingdom's most important figures to slay them all under the sun! Who is a part of this vacation-smashing band? It could be anyone! But someone lurks in the shadows of the palms...waiting for their moment to strike. Ratio 10:4:1.
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Mario Party 8 Mafia!
When Mario and crew find out that 4 out of the 15 of them are mafia's, how will they solve the problem. (Also there's a neutral)
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U Goom: Paper Mario
The university dedicated to Paper Mario. Feel free to chat about Glitzville, the lovely Goombella or anything else related to Paper Mario!
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Super Mario Galaxy Mafia
After witnessing the murders of his closest friends and advisors, Mario is a broken and lonely man. However, when he met the cosmic Rosalina atop Bianco Windmill, everything changed. Vowing to help Mario return to his love, Rosalina has sworn to aide this mustachioed hero. But...when the same group that threatened Mario's friends before shows their faces again...will anyone make it out alive? Lurking within the reaches of space, someone else seeks to claim the celestial throne. Ratio 10:4:1:1.
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Eccentric Electrified RP Everyone Everywhere Enjoys Everytime!
Includes normal, and paper! I personally like mine medium-rare... Don't expect it well-done though, that's like asking for soft boiled eggs.
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Mario Superstars
Twelve Mario characters battle it out to be called the Superstar 2015!
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Mario General Forum
Just talk about Mario related stuff. Pairings, Characters you likehate, your theory on why Mario keeps rescuing Peach, it's all fair game.
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All Becomes Legend (Roleplay)
{Now a private RP between Devcon101, A Lone Banette, Not a Bird, and CocaoSicko.}
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Sticker Star 2: A Sticky Situation
The annual Sticker Tournament is about to begin! Join now to attempt to win the coveted Super Sticker!
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