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AdmiralBobbery's Mafia Collection
Welcome to my mafia collection, where you can watch or play mafia games, or just hang out in the chats! Ongoing: Pixl Mafia
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Big Brother: Peach's Castle
12 lucky people have been invited to stay in Peach's Castle for a lovely game of Big Brother! So, not only do they get to stay in the best building in the Mushroom Kingdom, they could win 1 million coins from it afterwards! Sign ups currently open. :D
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Paper Party: Wish Ore
At the Summit of the Pop-up Mountain, there is said to be a legendary crystal that births itself every year: the Legendary Wishington Ore. One can travel alone or in a group, challenging Floors and Stratums trying to get this mythical ore, but... At the base of the Mountain, there is a small town: Origami. And that is where your story Begins.
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Eccentric Electrified RP Everyone Everywhere Enjoys Everytime!
Includes normal, and paper! I personally like mine medium-rare... Don't expect it well-done though, that's like asking for soft boiled eggs.
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All Becomes Legend (Roleplay)
{Now a private RP between Devcon101, A Lone Banette, Not a Bird, and CocaoSicko.}
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Sticker Star 2: A Sticky Situation
The annual Sticker Tournament is about to begin! Join now to attempt to win the coveted Super Sticker!
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Super Paper Mario: Tales of the Mushroom Kingdom and Beyond!
Let's-a go and play some SPM:TotMKaB!
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Mario Rp
Here you can be part of the mushroom kingdom. Ocs welcome
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Super Luigi Time!
Mario has died and there's no one to save the princess. Wait, who's that? Luigi falls out of nowhere! "It'sa Luigi Time!"
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Mario and Luigi: The RPG Series!
Mario and Luigi's RPG series was fantastic! Now, come in and relive amazing moments, and create new ones with OCs and Canons alike! All are welcome to join in on the fun!
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Paper Mario: Countdown to Chaos
The world is governed by time, and those who seek to manipulate it should only do so with most careful of steps. When Professor Koopenstein builds a time machine and reveals it to public, the demonstration is met with disastrous results. The Moonview City Clocktower goes dim, and with it, the fate of the world. Now, among the spectators, those who remain must rise and defend the realm by collecting the Chrome Stars, twelve gems that hold the fabric of time together. Will they succeed? It's up to you.
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