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Mass Effect RPs by Fettt
This forum will ALWAYS be accepting new characters. Don't be shy, come on in and introduce yourself. Please have fun, but be respectful and mature. Immerse yourself in the Universe
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Mass Effect Rp
most rps are dead so i made one.you should join
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A Creature Without Fear
20 years after Shepard destroyed the Reapers, the galaxy is trying to rebuild itself back to the glory days before the invasion. However, crime is increasing everywhere and races are fighting against each other to obtain remaining Reaper technology. The Council fears this dangerous technology could fall into the wrong hands so they send their best from all different government branches to stop this from happening. Racial tensions are rising. Rumors of Cerberus abounds. And this is only the beginning.
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Observed from within the Darkened Void
The being known only as 'The Observer' has traveled many worlds, collecting interesting specimens and relics, for it's private collection. But as it passes through a galaxy far, far away, unexpected malfunctions to it's ship force it to dump it's cargo. What will happen when they wake, and find themselves in a fight for their lives, not just with the local inhabitants, but with each other?
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Mass Effect: Machinations
The Galaxy faces an uncertain future as society struggles to rebound - the fall of the Reapers was just the beginning. The year is 2219, 30 years since the end of the Great Invasion, and the signs of a growing conspiracy surround you as strange happenings abound. Will you persevere to see your questions answered? ENROLLMENT OPEN UNTIL NEXT PRIORITY. Please come visit us and share your character profiles! Official RP Playlist: player.spotify(dot)com/user/tubulardoofus/playlist/3yzC5lCRn5YRcxRaJ6QqC5
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Mass Effect: Tales of the Galaxy
Hello! If you're reading this this means you've come across a new beginning for ME RP, we were born here on March 1st of 2016 and are accepting anyone to come in and join us. Only YOU can help resurrect this once great topic here. Join today and bring your friends, we're always looking for new people to join the community. (Still Active! January 20th, 2017)
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Mass Effect: Friends Stick Together
Join as an OC character on Earth. Whether you are human, quarian, turian, or even krogan, Earth welcomes you with open arms. Start as a young kid on Earth as you meet new friends, grow up and join the military, and soon discover the threat of the Geth and Reapers as your character lives through the timeline of ME 1-3. -OC Centric RP, OC/Canon Normandy Crew-
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Mass Effect: Terminus System
This roleplay takes place in the Terminus Systems; away from Alliance and Council jurisdiction. This is a part of the galaxy where smugglers, raiders and space pirates thrive; it is a sanctuary for the outlawed. Violence and conflict is inevitable and might be the only way to save your skin. Would you become one of us or would you be against us? Claim a canon character or create an original character!
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Mass Effect: Dusted
The Reapers, are dead. It has been five long and painful years since the end of the Reaper War. But evil never truly rests, as age old hatreds have reignited in a broken and bleeding galaxy. The shadowy organizations of the galaxy are beginning to explore the remains of the Reapers, finding new ways to kill old enemies. You can be a part of a special Task Force, created with the intention of restoring order, or a member of a mercenary group hired to find the new weapons and take it. Or even a member of the
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Evermore: A Mass Effect RP
Enlist and join the crew of the Evermore. Work as an Engineer, Medic, Soldier, Recon, whatever it may be. Set 15 years after the Synthesis ending. (Developing Plot)
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Mass Effect RPs are (not) dead
I hate dead RPs. This ain't one of them. All are welcome if you accept the rules and make a good character.
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Mass Effect: Mercenaries, Smugglers, Vigilantes
In construction, currently accepting.
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Mass Effect RP: Two Galaxies
A roleplay forum for the Mass Effect universe! Both the original trilogy and Andromeda! Join the Initiative and settle strange new worlds or help rebuild a galaxy almost destroyed by the Reapers. You decide.
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Mass Effect - Galaxy Apart
For when the Reapers were dead, it was not a happy ending. It was an ending yes, but hardly a happy one. Millions dead, billions wounded or on the verge of death, and trillions homeless. The humans of old would have called it an apocalypse without stopping to think. But the races of the galaxy are strong. The time has come to clean up the mess Shepard left behind. Welcome to the Galaxy Apart.
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Mass Effect Lemon RP Forum
So i have been looking around the Mass Effect forums and i didn't see any about Lemon so i decide to make this
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Mass Effect Roleplay: Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda RP. OCs and Canons. New and Active!
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Mass Effect: Psychotropic
After being injected with an unknown substance against their will, a group of strangers have to avoid faceless killers who want them dead and figure out what the stuff in them will do.
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Gods And Monsters
Thirty five years after the events of Mass Effect 3, synthetics still exist but are suffering and may never return to what they once were. As civilisation struggles to rebuild after the chaos, a threat grows over the galaxy. As with all stories, heroes will rise to combat this evil.
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Mass Effect Universe
A place where all who love the Mass Effect Universe can come and Role Play as their favorite species from any point in the timeline. This forum will have very few major rules and very few interference's from moderators and Admins so all can Role Play in peace.
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Mass Effect 25 Years Later
Years after the Reaper War a new threat arises and it is up to a new generation to stop it
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Mass Effect: Alien Time
30 years after the Reaper War, the galaxy is finally starting to repair most of the damage done by the Reapers. Commander Shepard, despite being a Ruthless Renegade, saved the galaxy. Humans took this as a sign of their dominance and put their people as the only council members, dictating the lives of all the living souls. Only a small portion of humans disagree, but all of the aliens hate their new leaders. Join as an alien, or if you're stupid enough, as a human that agrees or disagrees with Humanity.
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Mass Effect 2 role play here
I originally had one of these here but since no one would reply back for a while, I scrapped it and I'm starting anew. If you're interested, feel free to join up
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Mass Effect: The 12th Frontier Division
Frequent raids from the Terminus Systems, as well as the sudden presence of the Geth have put the Systems Alliance on alert. The 12th Frontier Division is at the fore-front of this fight, as well as those that will arise in the future. Become one of the standard Alliance Marine grunts and see the gritty side of combat through the eyes of a front line Marine in the Mass Effect universe.
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Andromeda: Beyond
The Keelah Si'yah has been located and retrieved without incident. However, the Kett aren't done with the Milky Way species and the Angara yet. Create a character, and join the fight.
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