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MegaTen RP: The Devil's Plague
On another Earth, another Tokyo... A threat looms beneath its busy streets. An ancient conflict that may spring to the surface ad embroil the city in an apocalypse once again.
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Persona 3 & 4 mixed up RP
Play the Persona 3 & Persona 4 Role Play here. OC are allowed.
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Shin Megami Tensei Discussion Board
Discuss all the game, fan fiction ideas, stories, characters, and everything about the series we love as Shin Megami Tensei in this board. Everything about the series is here, so come on board!
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RPG P3 & P4 Indonesia only
tanpa disadari, ternyata P3 dan P4 saling berhubungan satu sama lain. Igor, Margaret, Eliza dan Theodore berkumpul di sebuah ruangan berwarna biru. Mereka berencana merekrut kembali 'pemain lama' dan 'pemain baru' untuk melawan musuh baru.
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SMT RP: We are the Epilogue
Long after the world has crumbled, humanity is recovering. In the city of Exit, life goes on... unless it doesn't. At that point, however, it might be a touch difficult to complain.
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Devil Survivor 2 5 Dragon Remix Infinite Playlist
A world on the brink of metaphorical destruction... Suddenly and violently turned real. In seven days, the world's fate will be decided... How will you influence that fate? Impose your will and fight for what you believe in with your friends. An adventure you can experience after the end, when a new story is born when the last ends! [The world is dying. Let's live!]
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The Dorm Lounge
From an RP to a fanfiction discussion, all is allowed in The Dorm Lounge!
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My Persona
State down your favourite Personas here and say what you like about them.
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Persona Talk
I voice my opinion on various Personas. Join in, gimme your opinion!
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Persona 4 NaotoxRise
If only Naoto is a guy, they would make the GREAT couple!
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Persona 3: Fairly English Story Forum
Forum for the stories written by SamJaz, mainly Fairly English Story.
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Devil Summoner Fans Unite!
A Forum I have created for fellow fans of the Devil Summoner Games.
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The Amala Network
A friendly forum focusing mainly on the Shin Megami Tensei series and the companies that create their games. All are welcome as long as they are respectful to everyone else. We also allow RP or Relay.
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Persona Final:The End Of Shadow And Persona RPG!
Percayakah kalian?Bahwa Shadow seperti Joker,Nyx&Izanami sudah musnah?Tidak!mereka tidak musnah,sosok dewa lain berusaha membangkitkan mereka agar umat manusia berada di ambang kehancuran dunia.Grup Persona-User baru akan berusaha menghentikan ambisi mereka.Siapakah yg akan musnah?Shadow?atau Persona?New Adventure Begin!
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