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Mercenaries: War for Wealth
You are a mercenary, you fight for money, domestic or foreign. We live on war and so does our competitors. You do the job, you get the payroll.
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Several Operations carried out by highly trained, well paid merceneries. Cash for blood and efficiency with no questions asked, mostly.
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Mercenaries 3: Paid to Kill
The year is 2015... The world is torn apart in war and bounties spring up everywhere. You are part of a detachment of elite Mercenaries... Time to cash in...
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Mercenaries: The Forum
All your Merc needs! Roleplay! Chat! Talk, brag, and boast about your kills and explosions in the game!
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Directions: Read title. Input data that has do with your opinion of it into these archives
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The Deaths We Cause to Prevent Death
The title's ironic, but in the game, it's true. Mercenary talk and Roleplay.
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Mercenaries RP
...it's a Mercenaries RP forum.
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