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Metal Gear Rising: The Aftermath
This is the Aftermath of Metal Gear Rising, After Raiden had killed the senator, sudden war began to erupt from all nations, those with cyborgs and those with none, now it is an all out war, will you be able to integrate peace?
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Metal Gear Solid: Operations
Espionage has always been a pivotal part of war. Special operatives enter the field to aid in the battle for their respective groups. Work towards the future of special ops in the modern world or go back and be a deciding factor in the Cold War. The choice is yours.
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Metal Gear, Untold Stories
If you have an idea for a MGS fanfic, plug it here so we can all check it out.
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Operation FoxHound, A MGS Roleplay
I decided to take a crack at this just to see how it would work out You are an Elite government agent from the organization Fox-Hound, your mission destroy the new metal gear by any means Betcha saw that coming
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Character Discussion
Because these are some interesting characters, guys. Why not talk about them?
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What Twisted Webs We Weave
Discuss various mysteries, revalations, and inconsistancies in the Metal Gear universe.
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It's always sunny with Sunny around!
How much do you enjoy the Metal Gear Series? Which characters do you like? What's your favorite game? Let's talk Metal Gear!
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Diamond Dogs:1987
Welcome to Diamond Dogs. The Private Military Company founded by Big Boss.
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Metal gear soild The Gears churn once again
Metal gear solid RP
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Solid Snake is wicked awesome
Snake is like...so sexy in MGS2 and like...for some reason I've grown to envy and despise Meryl
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Sniper Wolf Fan Forum
Basically this is a forum for all the sniper wolf fans out there
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Metal Gear Saga by Pika132
Discussion of, suggestions for, and criticism about my Metal Gear Saga goes here.
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Metal Gear Solid Pairings Fanfic Forum :
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Metal Gear Solid Characterization
Im writing a story called MGS5: Snake Venom, and was wonderin what everyone thought about it so far, its M rated just FYI. If u can take a look at it id appreciate it, I want others to comment on it besides beta readers. Suggestions are also welcome.
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Solid Snake Vs Sam Fisher
Who Do You Think Would Win in a battle?
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Your Favorite Pairings
Discuss what you like the most and what you'd like to see written with your favorite pairings. A great place for all our inspirations and motivations to come together!
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Liquid Snake
Metal Gear.
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Metal Gear All World - Roleplay
A series of Roleplay for either Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear Rising. Enjoy
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Winds of Destruction A Metal Gear Rising Roleplay
This is the advertisement for my new site Winds of Destruction, here I will be setting up a player driven world that supports character interaction, PvP, and PvE based threads and plot lines. You can find it here:
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MGS: The Last Boss -The story will focus around Big Boss and Kaz if Kaz didn't die, and if Big Boss remained conscious through mgs 1, 2, and 4. It will also focus on Solid snake and Raiden, the plan is to redo all the game's story in a rp style, there will be guidelines of what's suppose to happen, more will be explained when you join. It takes place on discord, you can play main characters and OC's. Message me for any further questions.
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metal gear chapitre 1 : Rencontre
Salut sa ce passe au moment de peace walker enfaite c'est Ocelot au lieu d'EVA qui aide Snake.J'espère que vous aimerez.
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