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2034: Living in Shadow
It's been almost a year since the missles rained down on the lair of the Dark Ones, attacks from all forms of mutant of declined. They have not stopped however, so heed the warnings of the Metro. One more then ever: If your not in the shadows, they are.
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Metro: The deep descent
This is the metro, a place were many Russians took shelter when the nuclear missiles had gone off. Now this story takes place a year after 2034(Metro last light), the recovery on earth is very exceptional, the red line has been permanently destroyed after their last incident and now it seems a greater threat has taken a strand, ancient creatures that were mutated, dormant now lay awake, these creatures are much more dangerous than the regular mutated animals in the metro, will the beasts be stopped before t
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Metro: Fallen World
A Metro roleplay that takes place somewhere during the events of the Metro 2033 video game; there are Dark Ones, but none of the conflicts have massively escalated yet. This is where the timeline will split, depending on how the RP moves forward. Both the entire Metro system and the Moscow Surface are open for play.
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Metro 2033 RP
Come in to RP in the postapocalyptic Muscovite Metro system or even just to discuss the universe itself, this is the place for you!
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