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That Which We Dread
"What the people dread most... is a galaxy with no hero." A serious literary Metroid RP with a plot. Bring your A-game and unravel the mystery of "Dread".
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Metroid RP
This is a Metroid RP forum, since all the others have died out. This will contain canon stories and characters as well as OCs and Original Stories! Sign up, submit an OC, claim a character, and start the hunt! Come on in!
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Metroid Dread
Explore an abandoned space lab with Samus and the Hunters while an unknown enemy watches...
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The Planetside Cantina
A forum for anything related to Metroid. We shot the sheegoths, but we did not shoot the Nettori.
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Samus VS Everyone
Can Samus pone all noobs or not?
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Expanding Universe
There was no forum for Metroid so I decided to start one. Discuss the games, what you'd like to see in the sequels, or talk about Metroid fics you've read or may be writing. Keep the bad language in check, and have fun!
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story submition
Does anyone have agood estimate of the amount of years between now and 20X5? If so please reply.
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Metroid RP
Adventure on varios planets and fight space pirates and aliens.
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Space Pirate Refuge
Come here to talk about Metroid and Halo. We are very laid back, so don't come here if you don't like cursing.
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Metroid Original RP
A roleplay scenario based on the original 1986 NES game. Space Pirates plan to rule the Universe - aided by the hypercomputer "Mother Brain" - and only one bounty hunter can stop them. Guess who. OCs welcome.
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The Chozo Children: A Metroid RP
What if Samus wasn't the only child the Chozo rescued? What will they decide to do with their abilities, and how will they act with Samus' other adventures?
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See You Next Mission
For all things about and related to See You Next Mission and the universe it's in.
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Planet Moogle388
The place for Metroid, one of the classics.
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Who loves SamusRidley coupling?
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Inglord's everything metroid
discuss latest news, talk about metroid, have polls about metroid, whatever as long as it complies with rules
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Le monde de Samus Aran
Si vous êtes fan de l'héroïne de la série des Metroids et que vous avez lu La Fédération des Justes, alors suivez la larve par ici...
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My Metroid Forums
My forums for ANYTHING Metroid.
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Metroid Prime: Hunters
Basically, an area for users to chat about Metroid Prime: Hunters.
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Hello? anyone there? I see you!
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metroid hunters
who's your favorite hunter and why do you like him/her.
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Adorios's Victim List: Are You on it?
Discuss the ongoing story "Samus Aran and The War of Eternity". complaints, comments and flames allowed. also, give suggestions to the story. And, discuss what you like and dislike and predictions as well.
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Metroid Hacking
Got any hacks/utilities? Show em here!
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Why is Samus a Bounty Hunter?
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Metroid Dread Discussion
Discuss the fanfic, "Metroid Dread". Favorite and subscribe!
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Talking About Metroid and Possible Metroid X-Men crossover
This Forum is for Metroid fans. This is also here because I really want to get it out there that I want a Metroid, X-Men crossover, It would really be wicked to have Samus go head to head against Magneto, Bastion and Apocalypse. Also having a super powered Chozo-Human Hybrid from a parallel universe in a world where mutants and humans hate each other.
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