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Welcome to FedEx in Minecraft, the first forum on FFN dedicated (almost) entirely to ships in the MC:SM fandom! From OTPs to NOTPs to NewTPs to BroTPs, we've got 'em all! Not into romance or shipping? Not a problem! Come in to ask questions, get advice for your latest story, or just talk about the MC:SM fandom! Not into MC:SM or fandoms?... well, this is awkward, for you.
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Mcsm Maiden, Aiden Maya
One day... The blaze rods were hanging out in kiwi kawa the caf'e.There were sitting at table 3,I was sitting at table 2.I was a bit curious why Maya was staring at Aiden SOOO MUCH right before Aiden and gill left i donno to do somthing Aiden cringed and left the table. I went up to Maya and WHISPERED (to be contiued)
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This is my first time writing something like this so don't judge
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