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Day Cannot Last Forever: A Shadow of Israphel based RP
Day cannot last forever. Never was a truer statement said. The citizens of minecraftia thought they had seen the end of Israphel when the heroes Honeydew and Xephos defeated him and sealed him back away. However already his cult grows stronger ready to unleash Israphels wrath upon Minecraftia once more. And with the original heroes no where to be found a new group of heroes, led by those who fought Israphel before, must fight the cult and seal Israphel back away.
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The NyanPack
The battle between Herobrine and Notch has been going on since the beginning of time. But have you ever wanted to join? Now you can. Armed with all the weaponry, armor and mods you could want, join the battle as a monster or a player. No block will be left behind.
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MC Universal
This is Minecraft Universal- a world full of adventure and intrigue...chaos everywhere as the great powers of Minecraft struggle for control...brother turning against brother... Which side will YOU choose? (Rated T and up)
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A Tale of Seas and Shadows
An RP for people who frequent LTDA and other related forums. :3
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Minecraft RP
In a land of randomly generated blocks, random people learn to survive.
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Roleplay based on the Yogscast universe (although OCs and other characters allowed if you wish). RIP in peace friends this forum is dead unless YOU join in.
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Minecraft: Shadow of the End
In a land where evil feasts on the unwary, unlikely allies fight against impossible odds to restore the peace
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Minecraftia, Mob-Talker Tales, the RP
Here, we will be able to RP as Minecrafters, Mobs, and... Nether, blocks if we want. Yeah, so, welcome have fun and we'll see you when we see you. (IF YOU'RE GOING TO TALK ABOUT STUFF THAT'S OFF OF THE FORUM, GO TO THE DISCUSSION ROOM. WHEN YOU'RE TALKING WITH A FRIEND JUST TO SAY HI OR ROLL OUT A PLOT, THEN USE AN RP ROOM PLEASE.)
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The Game Master
A role-play that depicts of how Minecraft started... Humanity had opened the portal to The End, and an entity called Chaos escaped, for that was his prison. Come and join the few survivors with Chaos as the Game Master.
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Minecraft Role Playing!
This is my Role Playing forum! I made it for having fun, being random, and role playing 'till your sick. Feel free to join any of the sections, but make sure they are open! Please have fun, and may the randomness be with you!
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The World of Minecraft
Here is where we role-play in the the world of Minecraft. Stevie2662 and Maya have a problem and they must go on an adventure to figure out what is going on, If you're lucky you too can join in this adventure. You have to submit an OC before you enter the story. There will be a place where we just chat so we don't have a lot of clutter in the Rp.
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If We Make It To Daylight
MineCraft Survival Rp! The Steves and Mobs must share their land but that doesn't mean they'll like it. Some prefer the peace and to go about their lives minding their own business but there are some who wish to conquer all others and their realms and claim superiority. Are you peaceful? Hostile? Neutral? How will you fare?
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Minecraft Adventure RP
Welcome to the wonderful world of Minecraft. You can meet new friends, go on adventures, build structers on much more!
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Imaginative Minds
Unleash your imagination. Do not "butt" in on other's stories. This will result in ban. Have fun and get your mind ready! If you want your own, topic please ask a Moderator.
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Minecraft the roleplay
A Minecraft RPG
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 92 - Since: 05-17-15 - Admin: Killerstar15
This World of Blocks
This is a roleplay just for fun. If you need something to do, then this is the forum for you! Rules and Character Limitations are required reading before you can start!
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 74 - Since: 07-10-13 - Admin: Fatal Melody
Minecraft Elements II: Reboot
A redo of the old Minecraft: Elements role-play, now with new story, characters, and ... some other third thing! CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS!
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Team Crafted RP: Siblings
Team Crafted RP, I can start it off. I am playing as Sky Does Minecraft's little sister, Skylar. Every character with be a younger sibling of a TC member. Not much younger than them, though; only about two or three years. Rated K for mild swearing, which will be censored, (possible) fighting and romantic scenes (not too romantic, if you know what I mean).
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 66 - Since: 02-22-15 - Admin: Skylar Ania Dahlberg
Minecraft economy roleplay
live in a minecraft city, get a job, buy a house fight with the army or even make your own town! do anything in this modern city themed minecraft RP, it does have a story RP however, but you don't have to do that
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 32 - Since: 07-14-14 - Admin: wisperwings
The Fight for Minecraft
Notch and Herobrine have declared war against each other, and the battle is about to begin. Everyone, from mobs to humans to bosses, have declared their allegiances. Will you fight for Notch or Herobrine? Or will you try and stop the bloodshed?
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 26 - Since: 03-06-13 - Admin: rowenar11
The Book of Truths RP Forum
There is a continent on the world of Minecraftia, ruled with an iron fist by an evil Sorcerer named Shadowzone. Roleplay here if you wish to stop him and free the land from his reign.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 24 - Since: 07-13-13 - Admin: PredatorAwesome
The Herobrine Server
Hello. This is a RP forum. And this is how the story goes of everyone's roleplay: You recieve an Email/Gmail from an anonymous person, showing some numbers and a few dots and a colon. You suggest that it's an IP for Minecraft. You go into Multiplayer and Direct Connect, and type in the mysterious IP...Once you connected, you seem to see a few flashes of a shadow with glowing eyes...And all of a sudden you are sucked into the server. In the server, everything looks much more realistic and is a bit realistic,
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The Dimensions of Minecraftia
This is the forum equivalent of the story, 'The Mth Dimension'. There are many rooms to browse: World Roleplay, Discussion, Guide, Fanfic Discussion Chat, High Office of the Aether (Moderators), Chat, Land of the Nether (Spam room; release your stress!), and Spawnpoint (Character Submissions)! Have fun and enjoy roleplaying in the worlds of Minecraftia and beyond! NOTE: Random chatting is allowed ONLY in the Chat Room. Anything that relates to other authors' stories belong in Fanfic Discussion.
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Minecraft Mob Talker Forum
Alright, this is my first forum, so don't rage me. Mods are allowed just not the overpowered ones like nukes, explosives, or overpowered guns(death machine, war machine, rocket launchers, grenades etc,etc,etc) Melee mods are allowed but as mentioned no overpowered ones. so have fun and enjoy
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Tekkit Classic RP Forum
A Tekkit RP forum. Your characters are at war with each other. You are permitted to use OCs or YouTubers. Have fun.
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