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New Mirror's edge inspired RP
There is a new Mirror's edge inspired RP site that just opened. It is similar to the one that SpiritRunner started, but that site has just recently closed. This is a brand new site. If you are interested, please pm me so i can give you the site.
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Mirror's Edge RP
A multi-paragraph roleplay for Mirror's Edge. Create Runners, or Blues if you wish, a civillian, or even a member of the City Eye and take action in the world of the City, where one small piece of information is all it takes to start a war.
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Runner's Roleplay, anyone?
I'm looking to start a 'Runner's' Roleplay based loosely off of Mirror's Edge. I'm looking for good writers that want to have some fun, and also who I can rely on, as there are a few Admin spots up for grabs. There are more details coming with more inquir
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I'm making my first fanfic and it's gonna be a cross-over of inFamous, Prototype , and Mirror's Edge. The story is about Faith getting powers and travling on adventures with 2 fan characters. One based on Cole McGarth from inFamous named Kyle Mclance and
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Mirror's Edge 2
To all Gamers, please listen up. I've been doing some research on it, and Mirror's Edge has definitely grown in audience. There is no reason why game developer DICE cant make a sequel. There is some hefty money behind it and all fans of free running/parkour games will definitely give it a go. So what if it is a flop, they have made plenty. So if you are a fan of Mirror's Edge or a gamer in general please get onto forums, blog sites and YouTube to get this Game in motion. Thank you for your time.
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