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Monster Girl Quest Forum
Welcome Monster Girl Quest lovers. This is a little place for y'all to hang out, post links to your stories, maybe even get some Hora RP on. Main rule is be nice to others in the forum. All are welcome. Remember, this is a casual hang out area, so please drop by and chat!
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Monster Girl World RP
Haven't you heard the new sensation sweeping the nation? Plain, human women too casual for you? Well come on down. We have all kinds of inhuman gals from all kinds of games and eroges. sLay the dragon, touch the fluffy tail, Hora for hours. We have it all here at the Monster Girl World. Rated M for monsters. (and for mature audiences only)
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The Goddess Tower
You are a nice, hardy group of adventurers, brought here for a simple purpose: Ascend the Goddess Tower. Overthrow God in this exciting, difficult and exceptionally lewd adventure!
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Monster Girl Quest Rebirth
Roleplay Forum for Monster Girl Quest. Join our Heroes as they travel through the world to Hellgondo to stop the Monster Lord. But is The Monster Lord the true enemy?
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Many Memorable Adventures
Eighteen years after the fall of Illias, and there has been peace between the humans and monsters. Then a group of terrorists calling themselves the humanists took over Illiasberg, and claimed the country for just humans. Will you be a monster, or a hero? A savior, or a terrorist? Currently recruting players as of the 28th of May
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Desolate Monster Girl RP (Convert)
You are a rarity. A human, being forced out of your home under the guise of being a chosen hero to rid the world of monster girls that enjoy torturing mortals with the ungodly reek they output from every part of their exclusively womanly bodies. In reality, you are nothing more than a sacrifice. With the population of your secretive home growing dangerously large, you are banished and left for a fate worse than death. Many people suffer your fate, whether you view it as an honour, or a curse is up to you...
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Belly of a Monster
Are you a fan of Monster Girl Quest? Did you enjoy the side story Cecil's Adventure? Are you a fan of Vore? If yes, then this is just the forum for you! Come on in and join the tasty world of Monster Girl Quest, where Monsters love a squirming meal inside them almost as much as they love...well, making love! Be careful though, if you come inside, you may not come out. Don't be nervous to express yourself here, as any jerks will be banned posthaste!
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Monster Girl Odyssey
You're an adventurer...or maybe you're a monster...either way, you've had your grand start in life, be it on the streets, in the lap of luxury, or even in a peaceful sleepy village, but now news has spread of a powerful being causing havoc and turning Humans into slaves and monsters into rampaging sex daemons. What will you do?
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