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The Crossed Fates Roleplay Forum
Crossed Fates, the name I have chosen for a cast of characters that have been in Monster Hunter and my mind for the longest time, are now on a forum. Ready to Roleplay with YOUR own characters!
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Monster Hunter of Nobles and Knaves
What happens when the nobles start to gain more power over the guild than is usually allowed? That's simple, anyone that doesn't do what they want gets thrown to the Jaggis, literally. You break a rule and you get thrown into the arena. You walk the strai
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Soul of a hunter
'To those who have answered this call, the time has come. Prove yourself as hunters'
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Monster Hunter RP Forum
Have you ever wanted to experience the life of a hunter? To face monsters of all shapes and sizes, to protect your village, fight along side your kin, and to prove yourself to the world. Come join us! Create an OC and fight as a hunter, or even RP as one of the monsters. Discuss games old, and new and make new friends! (I don't own the image)
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Monster Hunter Epic
3rd generation storyline. The city of Loc Lac is at war with the city of Arstenbroght. Hunters have wither become volunteer mega soldiers or hunters capturing for the cities. Both are under siege by each other. Monster tear towers to the ground while hunt
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Port Tanzia
Welcome to Tanzia, a port town and an intersection of trade with many other port towns, who knows what other hunters you'll meet here?
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The Gathering Hall
Talk about all that is Monster Hunter!
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Monster Hunters Unite
Hi this is the forums for the community Monster Hunters Unite. Post your stories on the community and talk about them here. Sometimes we will have contests.
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Monster Hunter: Millennium
It has been a Millennium since monsters have appeared in the New World, technology has advanced, the weapons have gotten better and the hunters and better equipped than ever, but the hunters have slowly faded into obscurity, so no one could have expected the monsters to return, the job of hunter needed to be filled again, with the new tech, weapons, and armor, the hunters were better equipped than ever before to deal with them. The New Millennium had arrived. *WIP*
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Lair of Devil Jaw Joan
A place for any anthropomorphic Monster OCs. If you're a monster/person, your place is here.
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Monsters of the hunt
I want this to be a place where you can role play, or talk about story ideas, when you role play, u pick a monster and start out at juvenile age
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The world of Minegarde: Monster hunter
Slay numerous monsters, create your own weapons!
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Monster Hunter RP and discussion
A place where you can rp or just talk about Monster Hunter. Anyone can join and make and adventure. Have fun.
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Online Gathering Hall
Forum to talk about all things related to Monster Hunter.
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Monster Hunter: Tri 2 Unite Us
Please don't mind the title. It's a bit of my insanity. I learned that proper roleplaying was at need for the Mh community. So I'm going to make it. No god moding.
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Monster Hunter Generations RolePlay
All three generations of Monster Hunter RolePlay, and yes, that includes Monster Hunter Fronteir Online also with MH1, MH2, and MH3. Enjoy and ya can also post ideas for future stuff like towns, monsters, and weapons.
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A hunters life
If you have ever played monster hunter, any of the games. What would your life be if it was true.
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MH3 Loc Lac survival
Choose a class: Guild official, farmer, hunter, merchant, librarian, Loc Lac council member or royal guard. Have fun and play your role or fear getting thrown into the Monster Arena!
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