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Mortal Kombat--Skyrim X-over
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The New Mortal Kombat RP
Title says it all. Now choose your destiny.
English - Topics: 22 - Posts: 12,479 - Since: 07-29-12 - Admin: MASTER-OF-SUPRISE
Mortal Kombat: Prophecy
In present day Earthrealm, a group of orphans are forced to compete in tournaments, raised under the worst possible conditions. But when an ancient, forgotten prophecy is discovered in Edenia, Lord Raiden must seek out these new chosen ones and stop the prophecy, foretelling Earthrealm's destruction, from coming into fruition. With the help of his fighters will these kids save Earthrealm? Or will the one prophesied to bring about the destruction fall under the temptation of the black arts of Shang Tsung? If
English - Topics: 11 - Posts: 7,626 - Since: 03-12-15 - Admin: Skyla the echidna
Mortal Kombat ROLEPLAY!
Come roleplay as all your favorite Mortal Kombat characters! Every week/month we have a Mortal Kombat tournament! It takes place in the Alternate Timeline of the Mortal Kombat Universe
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 1,563 - Since: 09-09-11 - Admin: ZangekiNoYuusha
Mortal Kombat Vixens: Jade
Hey everyone! Trying to create a forum to get more stories out there for Jade, my favorite MK girl. Preferably paired with an OC although actual characters are welcomed as well. Also include Kitana, Tanya, Li Mei, Skarlet, Mileena, and Sareena. Want to see what ideas we can come up with for our green eyed assassin.
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 1,439 - Since: 09-06-17 - Admin: alwaysdoubted
Ultimate Mortal Kombat
A fierce tournament rages in the final tournament for Earthrealm's survival. Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung prepare to destroy the realm with the hep of Quan Chi and Shinnok. But along the way is a war of treachery and hate. And so it begins: Mortal Kombat!
English - Topics: 12 - Posts: 728 - Since: 01-13-15 - Admin: helljumper36
Mortal Kombat Fight for your life!
It's time to test your might...catch it isn't just the MK Crew your fighting but a bunch of other very popular fighting games...and even some Marvel...maybe DC too. Seems Shao Khan has been insanely busy making Allies.
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 719 - Since: 07-23-11 - Admin: RealWarpet
Mortal Kombat: The Ultimate Tournament
The Emperor of Outworld, Shao Khan has conquered all realms through Mortal Kombat. There is still one realm he has yet to seize, Earthrealm. Kreate a fighter and join Raiden and the Earthrealm defenders to save Earthrealm from the wrath of Shao Khan, or join the Emperor and his warriors to take over Earthrealm, in Mortal Kombat.
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 393 - Since: 01-20-17 - Admin: war22360
Mortal Kombat: Who's next?
Foro creado para todos aquellos seguidores de esta gran franquicia. Un espacio de diversiĆ³n, amistad, compaƱerismo y creatividad. Bienvenido, kombatiente.
Spanish - Topics: 66 - Posts: 302 - Since: 02-16-15 - Admin: Igfield
Mortal Kombat Delta
After the death of Liu Kang, another Mortal Kombat tournament is hosted. Now it's up to Earthrealm's forces, along with a few others, to ensure they survive. However, the Netherworld and Outworld have been gathering worthy fighters as well, and will do anything to destroy Earthrealm. Who will you join? Earth? Or Out?
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 79 - Since: 06-07-14 - Admin: Jarin Renshoga Ryu
Made Up Mortal Kombat Characters
I'm making a Mortal Kombat Fan Fiction and need your made up MK Kharacters... I mean Characters!
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 59 - Since: 03-28-07 - Admin: GreenWolfBoss
Mortal Kombat: Fatality
Make a character, and discover the story of Mortal Kombat: Fatality.
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 28 - Since: 06-20-16 - Admin: J3FAwesome
Defenders of the Realm Revisited
Based on the short-lived animated series with one major alteration: all the elements that made MK what it is today - violence, gore, mature content - are welcome, nay, encouraged in this RP. OCs welcome. :)
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 23 - Since: 04-29-18 - Admin: speccyboy
Kombatant Universe
A forum created specifically for discussion, RPing, and work in relation to the "Kombatant" universe of MK fanfics.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 16 - Since: 12-13-12 - Admin: Fusion-Corsair
mk 9
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 10 - Since: 08-01-10 - Admin: roadkillking
MORTAL KOMBAT: Mileena's Reign (Roleplay)
Hello, everyone! I am currently writing a fanfic (Mileena's Reign) and would like to host an RP in order to finish it! OC's preferred but Original MK characters are welcomed. Please RP in this fanfic and be a part of the process!
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 6 - Since: 11-26-13 - Admin: Shishonia
This is solely for the purpose of pitching ideas for crossovers, and mergers between MK and other things. I'd also like this forum to be here for my Mortal Kombat vs. Street Fighter idea. Hop in , and merge.
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 2 - Since: 12-02-06 - Admin: BlackWriter09
The Nexus
A place for everything Mortal Kombat! Discuss the upcoming game, review each other's stories, RP, or just chat!
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 2 - Since: 03-06-15 - Admin: CannibalCommando
Mortal Kombat: Kreate-A-Fighter Forum
I will be making a Mortal Kombat fanfiction with original character. I need ideas of characters, so leave a comment of your original character.
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 2 - Since: 06-10-15 - Admin: bnoah2000
Mortal Kombat: Pharheathen
Kha-buros, A powerful tyrant from another realm, views Earthrealm as his own personal playground. He has issued A new Mortal Kombat tornoment to take place along with his own plans to take earth realm as his own. Who will be the next Mortal combat champion, And can kha-buros be stopped? Only time will tell.
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 2 - Since: 06-17-17 - Admin: Adhesivevirus
First Mortal Kombat Forum
Its a Mortal Kombat board, what more do you need?
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 0 - Since: 01-05-06 - Admin: Moongoose McQueen
MK7: Armageddon
Talk about the game...
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 0 - Since: 02-08-06 - Admin: Mileenasboi
TVMovie Discussions
Talk about the TV Shows and movies of Mortal Kombat.
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What do you think of this idea for another story?
A young Shokan boy from the future confronts prince Goro with urgent news. Strangely, this young boy looks like Goro. Could these two be related? And if so, what purpose does this boy have with the near future?
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 0 - Since: 05-18-06 - Admin: Shotokan
mk blast from the past to now
it is MOST of all the games in the mk world from mk1 to armageddon this is rated m for muture or however you spell it cause in the sigs you CAN HAVE BLODE AND GORE BUT ONLY CARTOON WISE NOT REAL JUST CARTOON.that is all and WELCOME
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 0 - Since: 11-22-07 - Admin: mk ruler
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