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My Candy Love RP
Here you can Roleplay as your favorite boy, or one of the girls. you can also make a Candy. You can do anything here as long at it deals with my candy love. Go to the beach, go on dates, make new friends, chat, roam the school, and more. If you like My Candy Love then Sign in at Sweet Amoris High School!
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Sweet Amoris High
Welcome to Sweet Amoris High School! Please make sure to check and turn in all of your paperwork. We hope you'll have the best experience possible here at Sweet Amoris!
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My Candy Love Forum
This is a forum for you to post anything you want to regarding the game, My Candy Love! Go crazy!
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My Candy Secret
Share secret stories and fantasies about your favorite character and you! OCs allowed, keep it T, unless you want an M section!
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MCL Pairings
Besides pairing yourself with one of the guys or girls whatever you like . Talk about and discuss on who are your most/least favorite pairings. No arguing and respect everyone's opinions, please.
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Games of MCL
You can talk about games or play a game! Make up your own my candy love games! Be creative!
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MCL: Random!
Anything related to MCL. And I mean ANYTHING!
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My Candy Love New Start At A New School
in this Chapter you will meet Mio the new girl and who she encounters in her new school and how she feels about the first day of school hope you like it
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Twisted Love
Karrie Martin is a vampire. After her parents disown her because she misbehaves, she is forced to move to Sweet Amoris with her Aunt Agatha to prove she can behave properly.But what happens when she meets a redhead named Castiel Montrex?
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My candy Love rp
Come join the fun at Sweet Amoris high!
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