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Mystic Messenger Pairings Roleplay
Just like the title said you can roleplay your favorite Mystic Messenger otp/pairing/ship or whatever you want to call it! I hope someone sees this.
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2nd Ending
A Yoosung x MC story. After the first ending.
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Mystic Messenger Voice Actors
Here's a random question. Have you ever thought about who would make a good English voice actor/actress for the cast of Mystic Messenger? I just want to know what you guys might think if that was a thing.
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RFA (Rika's Fundraising Association)
Welcome to RFA! Here you can talk about your obsession to Mystic Messenger Characters! You can also talk about your favorite pairings, or anything you want to discuss about. You can also request a Mystic Messenger fanfic if anyone is up to it. Feel free to post but stick to Fanfiction Guidelines!
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