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The Need for Speed Anime
Welcome to a Forum of The Need for Speed Anime, jadi dimana para pengguna fanfic yang suka Need for Speed & Anime akan muncul disini, disini kalian boleh bertanya tanya atau kuis dari aku (Pro Roman 'Stefano-san).
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Carbon Racing RP
Dead Forum
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NFS roleplay
After the old NFS role-play got removed, I decided to start my own. Come here If you want to do a NFS roleplay. More info inside.
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Need for Speed 2015
Welcome to Ventura Bay. A city that is thriving with modern car culture. Here, build your legacy as you work your way to become an icon. Speed through traffic and set the roads on fire to gain the attention of Magnus Walker. Create a car specifically for your personal benefit to impress the mighty Nakai-San. Drift through corners and do it with style to impress Ken Block. Fight against the law and become an outlaw with Morohoshi-San. Or just drive and potentially gain the attention of the Risky Devil.
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Need For Speed
This is an open Rp For all of the Need For Speed Games that i know, Pm me For more info.
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