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A Rogue's Tale
Progress on my fanfic A Rogue's Tale as well as some general Bishop, Sand, and Gann fangirlness.
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Favourite HenchmenRaceClass
Discuss your fave. henchmen, race and class here.
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Neverwinter Nights 2 Role Play
A forum to have fun! Role-Play is necessary, to become apart of role-play send me your character info and the such.
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Neverwinter Nights - The Movie
Casting choices for Neverwinter Nights NPCs. Just for fun. Who would make a good Aribeth, Aarin Gend? Neeshka or Bishop?
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Shadows Unabated
I love and appreciate the reviews, but sometimes... I want even more than that. I want to know what you think, to debate, discuss and comment. I want you to ask me questions, and I want to ask you questions in turn. So come and have a chat, will ya?
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Bishop A Complex Game Character
Whether you loved him or hated him, let's discuss this dark complex character here. Is there any good in him? Could he ever change? Would he be as interesting if he did? What is he capable of?
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Valen: is the angst over yet?
Nine out of ten stories here will feature some portion of the mind of everyone's favorite tiefling, romantic or not. I guess what I want to ask is: is angst as essential to Valen's character as it's made out to be?And if so, has it been overused?
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Fomalhaut's stories
To anyone who has read any, even a very little piece of my NWN fanfiction, or have taken a look at my pictures. Come in and tell me whatever you think.
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angelicky's atelier
A place to rant, rave and review my stories. Also to discuss them and for author notes
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My Stories
This forum is the place to post about my stories.
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Reworking KCxElanee, or at least salvaging it
Even for hero she-elf suckers like myself, the KC Elanee romance was lacking. Is anyone interested in improving it?
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Everything Neverwinter NightsForgotten Realms
A place to discuss about anything regarding Neverwinter Nights and the universe it is based upon The Forgotten Realms campaign setting by Ed Greenwood. Also to rant/talk about anything related to this such as fanfics, game content, etc.
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