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United Assassins Association
Congratulations, you are now one of the top hitmen in the world. Why not challenge the ten killers above you and aim for the top? Now featuring an expanded storyline with Lolipop Chainsaw! The No More Heroes RPG has returned!
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Our Heroes Ladies and Gentlemen
The curtain shall raise on this new era of Assassins. All Noobs front and center! Its time to spill blood!
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No More Heroes 3 Absolute Struggle
The devil himself, Or Rather a spawn of him...Has brought back every Assassin and or Killer that Travis, Or Shinobu has killed. Them all seeking revenge on Travis and are in an all out brawl to claim his head. With Travis now having to deal with his Toughest challenge yet, He will face his absolute struggle!
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No More Heroes:To Die is to Live roleplay
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Welcome to Santa Destroy
Congratz! You are now a registered assassin in the United Assassin's Association. Will you band together, and overthrow the UAA? Or will you fight for them, killing who they want you to kill.
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No More Heroes
Because every section needs some sort of forum. General forum for all things NMH related.
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UAA: Fanfiction Style
Deep down inside, we all want to be number one. this is the place to do it.
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