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The Celestial RP!
Rp as a character from Okami, or create your own! Be a god! Be a warrior from the Oni tribe! Be a human! Be a Demon! Be anyone! Chat is also available for the normal Okami fan
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Okami fan forums
Fan forums for the wonderful and epic game, Okami. Discuss anything and everything related to Okami. Have fun y'all!
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Another Okami RP
It's Another Okami RP! I'm a veteran player and I feel like this excellent game deserves an RP! So I created this forum for that very purpose! It'll be OC for the most part, though other character roles will be available!
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discuss any pairings you love here
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The Gods of the Celestial Plain! Okami RolePlaying
This is the forum where you can create your own god and your own story of a journey. :3 This can take place before, during, or after the time of Amaterasu. Enjoy and have fun!
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The 13 gods
What do you think about the THIRTEEN GODS of Okami?
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About anything about Okami! Just have fun!
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Talk about what you thought of Okami
Just talk about Okami such as if you think there should be a sequel and etc. etc.
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okami, celestial plains, an interactive story!
this is where you get to choose what happens in my story, make characters to be added, post plot ideas for my story, okami 2, celestial plains, which has yet to be added, but i need ideas for characters,
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Returning Hope
From my story Returning Hope. Here you can RP of course, but for the people who were in the oringinal story, has to remake there OCs...Sorry bout that.
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Okami chat
Chat about what ever you like. Or R.P.
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Okami RP: The Shrine Guardians
Ameterasu, Chibiterasu, Waka, and Issun have returned to Nipon to find the fourteen Shrine Guardians to the Celestial Brush Spirits. Finding the Guardians restores the power to the gods, so Yami can forever be destroyed, rather than being sealed. Meanwhile, Yami is working to gain followers, promising people lies which he cannot bring true. (Okami Roleplaying Forum)
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Okamiden: The Sequel
Discuss the DS sequel to Okami here!
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The Fall Of Darkness RP
my first RP/forum. please. visit please for details
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Story Ideas: Okami
I need a little help with some ideas for my story: Okami: Sacred Moon. It's a little bland, and I need something to spice it up. Ideas?
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Talk about the game Okami and stories for it! Please, no yaoi or yuri though.
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Lisa's Pack
Anything about Okami in general. Like it? Hate it?
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