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Overlord RP
The Overlord rains supreme after the defeat of the old Overlord but has he changed at all is he still the evil corrupt being he was before... Will the people of Spree worship him or will a new hero rise to bring him down?
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Overlord Roleplay
My first Roleplay Forum : The name says it all, for all fans of the Overlord Series by Triumph Studios.
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Overlord FanBase
basically, a place for Ovld fans to hang and chat.new roleplay available. 2 more moderator positions, 1st come 1st serve.
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Discussions, stories, and ideas for Overlord A Dark Dawn
Like what you've read? Want more to read? Well, drop a line, give me some ideas, and help me shove writer's block, not so gently, out of the way.
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Overlord power level
SO what is the power level of the third overlord, country buster or continent buster?
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