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Overwatch: The Epic Comeback!
Overwatch, a once respected organization that was made to bring peace around the world, but have now since ended in obscurity due to certain events and now Overwatch's activities are now illegal in the world by law. Though despite the circumstances, former members of Overwatch can't seat by and watch as evil nowadays take over the world and thus are called back to action on their terms. Come and Join the adventure that is OVERWATCH!
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Overwatch: Rise of Heroes
The world is in peril, but where are the heroes? Gone, the world thought they would be better without heroes. But they would wrong, the world needs heroes more than ever. Now is the time for heroes to rise again and bring peace to the world, will you be part of them? All OCs welcome. Multiple AUs too.
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Overwatch: New Blood
The Heroes of overwatch have been reassembled, but they're at an extreme disadvantage. They need new blood, and fast. Can you be those new heroes to aid them in the defence of earth against those who would see it fall?
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Overwatch RP
A simple Overwatch role play where canon and OCs mix!
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The New Initiative: A Hero's Resolve
The forces of Talon grow strong each day and the ever lasting battle between good and evil rages onward. The hope Overwatch has of succeeding is to bring in some new talent. Time for a new breed of Heroes but don't think Talon won't be doing some recuriting of their own. Note: This forum is currently private while I experiment with the ideas in it. It will not become public for a while. I know this seems unfair but I want to be sure I have a solid ground set up before making it a public thing.
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Overwatch: are you with me?
The world is in danger, and we need hero to defend it. So, are you with me? (we also kinda need villians to destroy it to) Overwatch the Role Play.
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Overwatch: In The World's Time Of Need
After the Omonic events of the last century the world is in turmoil. Wars rage between factions, and order must be restored. Heroes and oddities must now hash out the arguments of the world to restore peace to the world. (This is an Overwatch Rp done in a "game" style. There are times though when no "game" is being played and there is just Rp so character personality's are needed.)
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Blackwatch: Resurgence
With a new Overwatch risen from the ashes, the world has become a safer place. Yet, chaos always exists in order. After a few years of peace, Talon strikes back once again, with far more allies than before.
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Overwatch Story Ideas-Challenges
Got an idea/challenge for a Overwatch fanfiction? Feel free to write one here.
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Rise of the Zomnics
An Overwatch zombie apocalypse AU, set in modern day. Details inside, all are welcome! New RP forum!
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Overwatch Zero fear
Overwatch is back and accepting new members you must have something to offer to overwatch and you must have Zero fear. Oc's accepted,you can ship with cannons except Mercy. She is mine
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Choosing Your Destiny
Since the attack of the Omnics the heroes of Overwatch must pick a side between the good and evil. Hanzo struggles picking his side; he does not allow a group to define who he is or what his destiny is.
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pharah and mercy what will happen when pharah relizes she likes a doctor that everyone thinks likes genji
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Demo stories
This Fourm is for all of my demo stories
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A Trace In Time
When Tracer and Winston are transported in time they meet Spiderman and The Avengers. But they find someone in the city who is very mysterious, but a lot like Tracer...
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Beauty and the Beast Overwatch edition
In 1920, Angela Ziegler and her father are in Japan, studying around the world. But most people dislike her for what she belives. Until one night...
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Overwatch Death Match
With all the heroes in the game (including the new one Moira), they are in an open field but with small ruins. All the heroes are there in a standoff, they have their Ultimates ready. They have options to use it later and hide for now. Who will be the last hero standing?
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