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They Came as Clowns: A PAYDAY RP
Right. So. Welcome to DC! The part of America where the police presence is as high as Colorado, and the takings are... well. GOLD. Come on by, grab a mask and a six-shooter. Take what you can carry. (RP)
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When the Clowns are Away - Payday RP
I know it says French, but that's just FF. Try out a new site: ! Come dive in and grab yourself a gun, a mask, and suit up. Let's get RICH! (Roleplay forum; changes made to the 'mechanics' are outlined inside. Come in, have fun!)
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Payday: In for a Penny
There's a lot of money to be made for the right people in this line of work. It takes a team with talent to take from those who have too much. Select from a list of high profile heists, carry them out successfully and you'll be set for life.
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Payday: The RP
It's time for a Payday.
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