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Thou Art I
And I am thou. Welcome to a world where time stands still and darkness prowls the streets. Death crawls near, but hope can be found in the hearts of the strong, the brave, the wise. Discover your Arcana, summon your Persona, battle your fears and see this journey through to the bitter end. Welcome to Persona.
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Persona 3 RP: New Days
The SEES group thought after the incident in the Answer that the shadows and the Dark Hour were gone..They were wrong, welcome to the Person 3: New Days role playing forum where the SEES group and new persona users take up arms against the shadows..But where there are new heroes there are also new villains
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Persona: The Reckoning
Persona RP
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Persona 3 RP: New Game
ANNOUNCEMENT Same old, same old Persona 3 RP. This time more lives are at stake, SEES is larger but the story remains mainly the same. LOOKING FOR SIX NEW OCs PLEASE APPLY WITHIN
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Iwatodai: a City of Innovation. Behind that pristine, futuristic persona lies horrifying secrets poisoning her very heart and soul. Yet, undaunted by the promise of death and trepidation, few dare to search for answers lost within the dark hour. One year will be given to find the truth; horrors and shadows await.
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Persona 4 RP:new game plus
In the sleepy town of Inaba, it's residents are shaken by mysterious murders.They seem to happen right after the fog lifts. A group of mismatch students unite to investigate. Will you join and solve the mystery or will it be forever shrouded by fog?
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Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, The Roleplay
This is a story that takes place after the Events of Persona 4 and Arena. A new Adventure, with bonds among other things, the bizarre shadows and the mysterious velvet room, all comeback in the next installment of Roleplay addition in the persona games. So, tell me this, What is you Persona?
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Original Persona RP- Dreaming of Change
"The flap of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world." You are a transfer to the small city of Tajima- a place that is hard to praise much but is even harder to complain about. But- it is also the place where normality ends and the dreams begin. You will brave many hardships, no matter who you are. You will forge bonds with others, and keep on changing and becoming stronger even at the eleventh hour. As time passes, you will finally understand what it truly means to have str
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Persona-Seperate ways:Million Dreams
the collective unconscious. It is said that all souls come from the sea, and all souls will return to it when the person it belongs to dies. Light and Darkness, Life and Death the balence is upset as Yu Narukami returns to the city he uncovers a new myster while in Inaba a mysterious chain of events has begun. All over Japan the powers of shadows are growing and all those of potential must band together(Cannon mandatory, OC's okay. Uses all persona media characters)
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Persona RPG: Children of the Stars
The magic number is twelve. Twelve months, twelve signs, twelve people, twelve arcana... twelve who understand the power known as "Persona". Come to the beautiful, traditional town of Aihara, and begin your brand-new life as a student at the famous academy... as well as your life as a defender of humanity itself. Will you survive...? (RP Filled! No more members until further notice!)
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Persona RP
Taking place at least 2 years after the events of the Persona 4 saga(P4, P4 Arena and Ultimax), the Investigation Team reunites once again, with some new faces this time, to solve another case of murders that has shook Inaba! You can RP as one of the canon characters or you can make your own OC to do so.
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Persona: Questions, Answers, And A Good Ol' Chat
Is there a question on your mind about these stories? Was there something you didn't understand? Was there something you thought was missing in any of the chapters? Anything to ask about future fanfics? If so, ask here! This is so I can get round to answering questions more easily. I might not be able to answer everything, but I will put my blood, sweat and tears into it if it needs be! Also, if you want to be a part of the circle, and join a group of fanfic writers, feel free to drop on in!
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Persona: Resonance of the True Self
An independent OC-only Persona 4 RP forum.
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Shin Megami Tensei: The Changing World
The Gods have fallen, and the Earth belongs to the will of Man. Rebuilt and continuing to progress, magic has seeped through society... And society wishes to now suppress it.
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Shadows of the Heart
Strange things are happening in Fujishiri. This once peaceful rural community is under the threat of supernatural creatures, ones that threaten to destroy life as we know it. It's up to people with the power of Persona to save it
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Tournament of Souls: A Persona RP
The city of Naruka is known for its nightlife scene, full of dance clubs and all-age casinos. But when a new establishment appears, sponsored by a mysterious corporation and housing dangerous fighting tournaments, some citizens begin to...
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Persona ?: Amethyst
Eight teenagers stumble across Yggdrasil, the world tree. People's wishes fill its branches- But some are distorted, and leaking out to the real world. A mysterious dog (yes, dog) may hold the key... (Closed)
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P5 Crimson
Tokyo, Japan is the setting for protagonist Akira Kurusu, a boy who's framed for an untrue crime. Relocated to Yongen Jaya, the student will be attending school at Shujin Academy for a year. Come join him as he attempts to clean his name, pass classes and steal the hearts of those abusing their powers using personas. Oh, and to get his eight hours of sleep.
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Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem: Mirage Sessions
Shin Megami Tensei x FE: Tokyo Mirage Sessions, though heavily revised. I mean, HEAVILY.
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Persona: Depths of The Psyche
There's a string of missing people reports popping around the small urban city of Shinano. It seems like the citizens are vanishing left to right and usually when a missing victim is found, they are changed and have become shells of their former selves. The only response to anybody attempting to communicate with them is the word "Death" What is happening to this once peaceful community and more importantly, who'll be the ones to protect it and uncover the mystery behind these disappearances?
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Persona 3: Aftermath
Minato Arisato Gave his life to protect the planet from Nyx. In doing so He left his friends and the one who loved him most. Now they all have to band together in order to survive a new terror that is fast approaching, and this time, Minato isn't there to support them.
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Persona: Refraction of Perception
Welcome to Bushigaki Garden Academy, a luxurious high school that's home to a variety of students ranging from children struggling financially to the upmost elite. A very peculiar rumor has spread by word of mouth through the high school of people falling into states of depression and select few committing suicide, with no reason or rhyme. The only common factor being the discovery of scratched up walls and ripped sheets. As cases become more frequent, a group of students join together to investigate it.
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persona rpg reflection
strange cases of disappearances of have been happening in the once peaceful mountain town of Aoyama.You play as a student of Kyouzou school but will you be the one who will ultimately shed light upon these mysteries? still in preparation so check it out
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Persona Q: Worlds Collide
A Mass Crossover of Persona 3, 4 and 5 while also allowing creation of your own original characters. The story follows the groups of Persona users being sent to a large hotel hosting a large meetup for various schools that seems to be resonating a ominous aura.
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the new crew
ocs only! This is the rping adventure of jack kerns, and those who follow him. can he and his friends face their shadows, and become the users who end the midnight channel? lets find out! Modern time, new place. p4 never happened in this timeline.
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