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Persona 3 RP: New Days
The SEES group thought after the incident in the Answer that the shadows and the Dark Hour were gone..They were wrong, welcome to the Person 3: New Days role playing forum where the SEES group and new persona users take up arms against the shadows..But where there are new heroes there are also new villains
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Persona: The Reckoning
Persona RP
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Persona 4 RP:new game plus
In the sleepy town of Inaba, it's residents are shaken by mysterious murders.They seem to happen right after the fog lifts. A group of mismatch students unite to investigate. Will you join and solve the mystery or will it be forever shrouded by fog?
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Original Persona RP- Dreaming of Change
"The flap of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world." You are a transfer to the small city of Tajima- a place that is hard to praise much but is even harder to complain about. But- it is also the place where normality ends and the dreams begin. You will brave many hardships, no matter who you are. You will forge bonds with others, and keep on changing and becoming stronger even at the eleventh hour. As time passes, you will finally understand what it truly means to have str
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Iwatodai: a City of Innovation. Behind that pristine, futuristic persona lies horrifying secrets poisoning her very heart and soul. Yet, undaunted by the promise of death and trepidation, few dare to search for answers lost within the dark hour. One year will be given to find the truth; horrors and shadows await.
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Persona: Vanish Into Shadow
In Sakiyama City, a new threat has arisen against its people. Monsters have emerged every night, and threaten to destroy those who fall into their web. It's up to a few gifted individuals who can actually see the Shadows to solve the mystery and eliminate them once and for all. But of course, nothing's ever that easy. *undergoing a revamp*
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Persona-Seperate ways:Million Dreams
the collective unconscious. It is said that all souls come from the sea, and all souls will return to it when the person it belongs to dies. Light and Darkness, Life and Death the balence is upset as Yu Narukami returns to the city he uncovers a new myster while in Inaba a mysterious chain of events has begun. All over Japan the powers of shadows are growing and all those of potential must band together(Cannon mandatory, OC's okay. Uses all persona media characters)
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Persona RPG: Children of the Stars
The magic number is twelve. Twelve months, twelve signs, twelve people, twelve arcana... twelve who understand the power known as "Persona". Come to the beautiful, traditional town of Aihara, and begin your brand-new life as a student at the famous academy... as well as your life as a defender of humanity itself. Will you survive...? (RP Filled! No more members until further notice!)
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Persona RP
Taking place at least 2 years after the events of the Persona 4 saga(P4, P4 Arena and Ultimax), the Investigation Team reunites once again, with some new faces this time, to solve another case of murders that has shook Inaba! You can RP as one of the canon characters or you can make your own OC to do so.
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Persona: Resonance of the True Self
An independent OC-only Persona 4 RP forum.
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The second coming
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Persona 4: The Animation RP
Inaba, a small rural town with little to nothing exciting, as told by some of the locals. However something changes one someone new comes into town, and a sudden string of murders takes pace that shakes the town and the residents residing. Take a Canon or make an OC, and find out who's committing the murders before it's too late! *Follows Animation episodes, with inclusion of "extra episode topics"* *Protag is OC* *RP is for Intermediate RPers*
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Persona 3: Aftermath
Minato Arisato Gave his life to protect the planet from Nyx. In doing so He left his friends and the one who loved him most. Now they all have to band together in order to survive a new terror that is fast approaching, and this time, Minato isn't there to support them.
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Persona: Refraction of Perception
Welcome to Bushigaki Garden Academy, a luxurious high school that's home to a variety of students ranging from children struggling financially to the upmost elite. A very peculiar rumor has spread by word of mouth through the high school of people falling into states of depression and select few committing suicide, with no reason or rhyme. The only common factor being the discovery of scratched up walls and ripped sheets. As cases become more frequent, a group of students join together to investigate it.
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SMT RP: Children of Purgatory
Rend...slaughter...devour your enemies! There is no other way to survive...You cannot escape your hunger, Children of Purgatory. Welcome to The Junkyard, an unforgiving wasteland. You do not know who you are, or why you have come to be here. You only know that you must defeat and devour your enemies to receive the answers you seek, but is it all so simple? *Active Roleplay set in the world of Digital Devil Saga*
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Persona: Wrath of the Dark God
In the Japanese town of Kumitama people are being killed organs taken from their bodies with no visible wounds while at the same time people are disappearing. Shadows are coming and it's time to grab your friends, your weapons, and summon your Persona a new story is beginning now based around your ocs and our stories that we'll make.
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 309 - Since: 09-04-16 - Admin: Abyssal Knight
Persona 4: New Bonds
(Takes place in the setting of an AU Persona 4: Golden) Everything has been normal in Inaba... However, that will soon change. Discover your Arcana, summon your Persona, and fight alongside new friends.
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 241 - Since: 07-22-16 - Admin: CrimsonDragon206
the new crew
ocs only! This is the rping adventure of jack kerns, and those who follow him. can he and his friends face their shadows, and become the users who end the midnight channel? lets find out! Modern time, new place. p4 never happened in this timeline.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 224 - Since: 01-09-14 - Admin: vincent the vizard
Persona: Cries for Justice
Welcome to the Persona RP, this take place in the Persona 3 setting of Tatsumi port Island, make an OC and come on in, a few words of warning, there are no canonical characters or the dark hour. NO CANNONS AT ALL.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 90 - Since: 03-09-13 - Admin: Zen of Souls
Persona: Prayers Into Dreams
In Santokawa Town, a slowly urbanizing city, lies an abandoned Shinto Shrine that was home to a gruesome murder. After some mysterious disappearances from those curious to get a glimpse of the tainted holy site, even decades after the murder case, the shrine is still walled off and off-limits to the public. Today, at Hyobanshi High School, a new rumor spreads among those with their heads stuck in the clouds... Will you be able to solve this new Mystery?
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Persona 5 Rp
Note: Just a speculation on what P5 could be. What happens when the careful bond between dreams and reality is broken? Only persona users can enter the mysterious dream world, and when they do, they run the risk of being attacked by shadows. Set in the small fictional town of Bluetown, Virginia, and it's colorful high school, you can create your own character, persona, and even shadow. Build social links with your fellow Rpers and have fun!
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 18 - Since: 07-15-13 - Admin: Ace-Adachi
Persona 3 and The Holy Grail (RP)
Create an OC in this Persona 3 roleplay! However their is a twist in this Persona story. SEES objective remains to stop Nyx but there is another group of persona users who want to keep Nyx alive for its purpose. Whose side are you on?
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Persona 4: Platinum
After Yu left to go back to the city, more murders started to occur, except this time, they seemed to be dieing of their own accord. This time, it's up to me to lead the team. I am Naoto Shirogane. This is my story. POST PERSONA 4, NO YU/SOUJI!
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Modern Fantasia
{ Open RP } Persona Series RP, open and welcome to any who wish to join! Usually quite active, PM mods if they appear to be asleep for a period of more than a week. Heavily story-based roleplay, no prior experience with the series is necessary. Needs new members and moderators badly!
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Persona 4 RP: Tokyo's Midnight
The Midnight Channel is back! Now in the neon-lit capital, Tokyo. A new serial killer means new victims. But is there only one killer? Will you survive your true self? Or will you face the consequences of the infamous words: "You're not me!"
English - Topics: 2 - Posts: 5 - Since: 08-12-15 - Admin: Arcana of the North
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