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All Rise
Court is now in session. (We are Active. We're just waiting for others to join.)
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Phoenix Wright World RP
I don't know what to write here! Pick your favourite character/s and enjoy! Both Canons and OC's are allowed!
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Melinda Reid: Ace Attorney (Roleplay and More!)
This Forum is about my newest Fanfiction. I'm putting up for those who want to help out with my story to get in touch with each other. However, I could add RP and all kinds of stuff to this Forum as well, so if you want to help out, or love the Ace Attorney franchise and want to role play, come join in! (STILL ACTIVE! WAITING FOR MORE VOLUNTEERS AND MORE PEOPLE TO PARTICIPATE!)
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Pawns of Justice: A RP Forum
Welcome, one and all, to a new Ace Attorney roleplay community! More will be added when I can think of something to say. See you on the other side, dears!
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Turnabout Time RP
A slightly AU RP where OCs are rampant and canon gets a rewrite. Come join the fun!
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