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Pokémon Universe RP
Become a Pokémon, with an entire world at your disposal. Explore Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, and even Orre, and find your own adventure. Make an impact or a splash or even a landslide. The choice is yours.
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There's a large portion of the Pokemon fanbase that finds certain pokemon attractive. This is a simple fact. Which is why I decided to make a forum centered around lemons that involve pokemon! It can be humanXpokemon or pokemonXpokemon, as long as a pokemon is involved it's accepted here.
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Pokemon RPing Forum
Tis a Forum, about Pokemon. Nuff said.
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Pokemon RP
What the title says.
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Aethnear and Dragonsrule's RP Paradise
A RP forum for Pokemon lovers everywhere
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Pokemon: Darkness rising
When an ancient darkness awakens, heroes rise with the fate of all life in their hands.
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Peter Panties' Perfect Pokemon Place
Wanna go on limitless Pokemon adventures? Wanna chat with other Pokemon lovers? This place is for you!
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Akira Region RPG!
Come one, come all, to a new region by the name of Akira, where you can take your OCs and Pokemon and battle your way to way to victory, or discover what happens when a person wakes up as a Pokemon in a strange new place. All this and more in one awesome forum! Stop on by and join the fun! **Still active!**
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Lemony Pokemon Adventures!
Ever wished to get a little freaky on your pokemon adventure? Well now you can! We offer many adventures following the stories of your favorite pokemon games but now with a very lemony twist! Come join the fun! (Mature Content, be advised: Lemons)
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Pokemon: Story of the Marked Ones
Private RP between we three friends as we tell the story of the Marked Ones.
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Pokemon Roleplay: Imota region
Scientists have discovered a large island far from the coasts of Sinnoh. It will be repopulated for an experiment. Are pokemon capable of upholding a civilization like humans? Become a pokemon, explore the Imota region. Mysteries start to unravel, jeapordizing the experiment. Will you ensure the experiment's success? Or see it fail?
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Pokémon: Dark Uprising
Arceus is the almighty. Kyurem is corrupted and in a pursuit of power. In this world, Pokémon have the ability to take on human form and change freely, while retaining their powers. A betrayal of cataclysmic proportions, to save the world, legendries and their descendants (the regular Pokémon) will unite to end Kyurem's rain of terror.
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Pokemon Academy
For all those pokemon lovers out there!
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Pokemon RP
A Pokemon RP for everybody! All are welcome!
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Taitoku Academy
Fully open! An academy with courses for all walks of life in the Pokemon world, Taitoku is the place to go for any aspiring trainer, coordinator, breeder, or gym leader!
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Welcome to the Heath Manor,home to the last surviving member of the Heath Family and one of the Pokemon's World's most respectful yet controversial scientists.With her latest studies of Pokemon and mutation,she has invited a few young trainers to her home to live and have their Pokemon take part in her experiment.Everything is explained in the letter. CLOSED
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The moment to live and die
everyone knows about the battle between kyrum and the swords of justice, right? But how long has the battle gone on? set in the medieval times, before pokemon and humans worked together. There are two kingdoms, one ruled by kyrum the other ruled by the swords. Kyurem, who only wants the humans to be destroyed and the swords of justice, who only want the humans to make it through until tomorrow. Pick your pokemon, choose your side and fight for your land. (ongoing)
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Pokemon XY: Eternal Nightmares
Team Flare has gone, and the Legendary Pokemon are back in their slumber...but a terrible threat arises; Team Eternal. Their goal: Weaken the legendaries to control them and rule the world. Can you stop them before it's too late?
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A Pokemon RP: Forgotten Wishes
Well, a Pokemon RP that takes place in Johto, a few years after the Team Rocket fiasco. A lot of things have been rumored about a legend that could grant wishes, and many were after it. Some seeked power, others seeked wealth, but one thing was for sure: This was nothing but trouble. Accepting new OCs, come on down and join us!
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Pokemon Universal RP
Welcome to the Pokemon Universal RP! Around here you can be whatever you want, as long as it's in the Pokemon universe. From trainer to pokemon to burst warrior and more. So hop on in and join in on the fun. This place is active, and it will always be, so just join on in
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Sage Academy
I was searching around for a forum like this, but none seemed open, so... Welcome to Sage Academy! A new school set up for trainers of all ages that want to come together to learn all about anything and everything Pokemon related! Future Masters, Coordinators, Breeders, Doctors, or Rangers welcome!
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Pokemon Masters: World of Pokemon
Trainers, both Champions and Newcomers...Pokemon, Legendary, Trained, and even wild. All are dispersed throughout the world that is known to us as the Pokemon world. But their stories can only be told with the help of 1 person. You (And, well, lots of others). OC's Allowed!
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pokemon Galaxy RP
you can create your own region! let people in your created region! and any Pokemon is allowed! so have fun in your created region! (you can also create your own demension)
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Days at Pokemon College
I don't know, I really don't know...
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The Western Region: A Pokemon RP
In the west there is a region where human/Pokemon hybrids - the Gijnkas - exist. They live hostilely alongside humans, or underneath them as most of them do. An RP where Gijinkas and humans fight amongst themselves in this western-themed land.
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