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Pokémon Fanfiction Challenges
We host challenges, competitions, and friendly contests. Feel free to stop by and join if you're looking for prompts, encouragement, or a spark to get over that writer's block. Check out our sister forum PokeWrite!
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Pokèmon: Adventures of Legend - Rise of Cortex
Adventure through the new world of Pokèmon! Protect the new world from the evil seeking to overturn it! Explore, discover the power of your Pokèmon, and aim to become the very best, like no one ever was! Forum is open for roleplay!
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PMD Fun and Games!
Make new friends! Participate in fun games! Or just debate and discuss the PMD series! Whatever your reason for visiting, come on in!
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Pokemon: Unova Region
Make your pokemon trainers and train to be the best! Save the world against the bad guys.
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Pokemon RP: A New Journey!
A Pokemon roleplay with RPG-like characteristic, such as forming parties and choosing a character class, while still being set in a modern world. Choose your allies, create your Pokemon team, and fight off evil together as one! This RP has some basis in Pokemon Special and the games, but I'm sure everyone will be fine without prior knowledge. Set in a fanmade region! Needs intermediate RPers!
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Pokemon: Tournament of Legends
I have created a story called Pokemon: Tournament of Legends. In this Tournament, you can submit your OC's here. When I have enough, I will start the story. Until then, please submit your OC's here!
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pokemon coordinator
This is my ideas that you can take credit for I don't think that I can write as many stories as you guys. Just a heads up people Pokemon is not mine, or yours unless you created pokemon.
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