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Aperture Science testing sight
Hello, Insert test subject name and welcometo the Aperture Science Improvment testing sight. Please, follow instructions presented on the board and *Bzzzzz* cake will be served at *bzzz* lasers* Bzzzz* animal kin*bzzzz* i'm sorry, it appears that my sys
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Aperture Testing Facility
Hello, and welcome to Aperture Science! Please fill out the form and you shall begin your testing right away!
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Enrichment Centre RP
Oh hi. Welcome to the Aperture Science Enrichment Centre Testing Facility. I hope you all don't get kill in a week. That happened once. They were idiots. Now, take the Hand-held Portal Device and follow my tests. Good luck.
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The Legend of Layton's Portal RP
Hey everyone! My friends inspired me to make this original, catchy and err different role play forum. Please feel free to check out the only role play forum to combine Portal, the Legend of Zelda and Professor Layton! Enjoy browsing people! : : : :
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Portal aperture sciences RP!
Ok so here you can join my Roleplays or create your own it's totally up to you!
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Portal Academy
Welcome to Portal Academy! Where you can enroll your child to become an educated and fine being as they grow not only in IQ size, but in their growth. Your child's safety is our number one concern!
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Aperture Science Roleplay
Hello, and again welcome to the Aperture Science Computer Aided Enrichment Center, You specimen has been processed and we are now ready to begin the test proper.
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The FIRST EVER Portal Forum! :D
Woohoo! This game now has its own Forum! Come chat about Chell, GLaDOS, or any other part of the game you love or hate! xD
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Aperture Days RP
Set in the mid-seventies, RP as Aperture employees and test subjects that deal with the chaos of Aperture Science.
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Mandatory Aperture Science Question Time
Ask any character from the portal series all of your unanswered questions. Be as silly as you like! Please welcome your host, Sullyz the awesome android boy!
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Aperture Science Online Role Playing Initiative
Welcome Test Subject #(insert number here)! This test involves: Typing; Reading; Imagination; Aperture Science Thermal Discouragement Beams; and Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cubes. Please proceed through the door on your right to initiate the test.
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Aperture Science Ask GLaDOS Anything
*bzzzzt* Hello, and welcome to the Aperture Science Computer-aided Ask Anything Thread. Please ask anything, it can involve Politics, Celebrities, Anything. We at Aperture Science are not responsible for your dea*@ # # &. Thank You
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Ask or Dare Wheatley!
Our team has brought back Wheatley from Outer Space, And kept him away from GLaDOS so the test subjects can take out their rage on him in the form of Dares or Asks!
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Portal 2 ropleplay
Be whoever you want and chat to fellow portal characters :)
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Aperture Academy of Science and Technology
This is where your cores become humanized and go through all the drama of high school, but in a boarding school! APPS open!
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Portal: Redemption
After Chell left in Portal 2, GLaDOS got new test subjects. Click the title and be transported into a world of awesome.
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wheatDOS and other wheatley pairings fourum
This is a fourum that focuses on wheatley x— pairings. Join or DIE!
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GLaDOS meets 343 Guilty Spark
old crossover story
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A List Of Common Portal Cliches And Other Such Things
A list of common Cliches that I am currently compiling, anyone may add to the list and I will update it to much. Eventually, I will post the List Of Things To Do and Not To Do In FanFiction I've been compiling for a while now.
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Test Chamber 100
Random tangents and cake included!
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Chell's Story
Please post your ideas and suggestions for Discoball667's Story Portal: Chell's Story.
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Science and Portal Fanfiction
Wanting your fanfic to be realistic sometimes requires research, but you probably don't want to spend a lot of time browsing the Internet. That's where this forum comes in, giving you quick summaries of what you need to know.
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Keeping the Fandom Still Alive
A place for all CURRENT authors to post stuff. I noticed there's not all that many people still writing portal fan fiction, (I mean, I guess it is 3 years old...) so I created this as a way to share our best stuff. (DON'T POST IT HERE! Use it like an ad.) It's also a place to refer to your favorite old stuff, so you can easily find it. Warning: profanity is unfiltered.
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