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Professor Layton: Monocle
Welcome to London, three years ago a young man tried to destroy it but little did people know that was the least of it's problems as a year later London had a bigger disaster, and now, There is a real devil in a top hat and he rules London with an iron fist... Evil!Layton RP. Anyone can join! No OCs!
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Layton Life RP
Is this another Professor Layton Roleplaying forum? Why, yes. Yes it is. Canon characters are required and OCs are welcome.
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Professor Layton Universe
A place where you can go to advertise your Professor Layton stories, advertise and look for Betareaders, do roleplay and Ask For help and gossip about the Layton Universe!
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Professor Layton Roleplay
Basically what the title says. You roleplay as any character you want to be from the Professor Layton Series...well...as long as nobody else is that character! On character sheet, say who you want to be, and I'll probs accept it XD! O/Cs are totally accep
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Your Professor Layton
If I wrote some of the professor Layton games then they would have been a little different and i'm pretty sure others may agree so choose a character and put them into the world of professor layton and his many adventures.
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The Legend of LaytonRP
Hey there to all Professor Layton fans! Here is the first ever RP forum for Professor Layton and Zelda! I thought that since there are none of these types around, this would be a good idea! Feel free to check it out!
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Professor Layton and the Mysterious Mafia
A strange group known as the Mafia have emerged in London, determined to kill Professor Layton and his allies. Will they survive, or will they be slaughtered by the mafia? And who is the mysterious neutral? A game of mafia.
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Phoenix and Layton: Turnabout Puzzle
Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright go head to head and lets see who will survive this random forum. Pick your character, join the game, and let hilarity ensue!
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Professor Layton and The Roleplay Universe
The universe of Professor Layton; a world filled with wonder, mystery, and adventure! Join Professor Hershel Layton as he embarks on his newest adventure- this time in roleplay format! Play as characters that couldn't previously meet in the actual series and begin possibly the most ludicrous adventures ever to take place in London!
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Yep, This is a Professor Layton Roleplay
OC's Welcome. Need at least 4 people :D Cause it's fun with lots of people. Professor Layton goes on another adventure.
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A different pairing
We've seen it time and again- Claire and Hershel. But I love a new pairing now- Lando and Claire!
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The Villain Rage Club
Despise Don Paolo? Detest Descole? Repulsed by Reinel? You've come to the right place. Rant, rage and generally abuse your most hated antagonists, or defend the ones you love. Or even get creative, turn the ones you hate into piƱatas and write yourself destroying them. The choice is yours...
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Professor Layton RP
I love my RP, so I made one for Professor Layton and it WILL work! . Put yourself in Layton's, or any other character's, shoes!
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Professor Layton and Death's Code
This is a Professor Layton mystery/roleplay. Feel free to join;access is limited!
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Granny Riddleton's Puzzle Shack
Hello, my fellow PL fans! Welcome to the place where all you avid puzzlers may exchange many puzzles. Please note that you can gain PICARATS and we now have a TEA SET! Yay!
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Welcome to London
As the title says, Welcome to London; here you can give other people riddles, RP, or chat! A Professor Layton RP for all!
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Professor Layton RP!
Hey so I just became a fan of this series and I love it so much! I couldn't find any non crowded active rps so i tried my luck and made my own! OH somebody please join! :D
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The Layton Sisters
Welcome all gals who love PL! Now's your chance to chat and gossip about Layton characters, games, merchandise and more! Open to guys, if you wish! Share anything, from life-time happenings, to new puzzles! You're all welcome here!
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Flowered Apprentices
For all discussion about the Community
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Professor Layton Roleplay!
Just another Layton RP! You can be any character and OCs are welcome! Tell me any ideas you have!
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Herzen Castle RP
Be whoever you like! Confusing at times but fun!
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Who Are Your Favourite and Least Favourite PL Characters?
Love Layton? Detest Descole? Come see who agrees with you!
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Professor Layton and the Longest Road Trip in Existence
A Professor Layton RP where every single character is stuck in a sweaty bus and travel the world together while solving puzzles. All OCs and Canon alike are allowed.
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Professor Layton
Celebrating the complete and total awesomness of Professor Layton and co.
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Help professor! I'm stuck!
If you are stuck on a puzzle, or just genuinely do not know what to do, here is the place to get help. Type your problem I, and other members will try to help. Do NOT post links to walkthrough websites or anything that tells the answer to a puzzle, that would be defeating the object of this forum.
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