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Viral Mutants Anonymous
Want to promote a fic? Bounce ideas off of other writers? Talk about the game? Everybody's welcome here.
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After Alex's death, Heller vanished and the infected have started popping back there seems to be a new infected leader that won't show itself. Play as an evolved, infected, civilian, soldier or scientist. Story-line ideas are welcome and needed!
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Make a power
name says it all make your own power
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Of Lightning, Flesh, and Swords Forum (Prototype)
A general meeting place for people to discuss about "Of Lightning, Flesh, and Swords" (ClaymoreXPrototypeXInfamous crossover). Here you can ask questions about the story, gives suggestions for potential plot points, and even get updates on the story
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Writing Discussion
Just a place to talk about the different stories people have written based on Prototype.
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PARIAH, Greene, and Mercer
Theories on the three key characters of Prototype. Just what is PARIAH? How is he different from Greene, the parent? How is Mercer linked to it all?
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