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Whispering rock psychic summer camp
Welcome to all psi-onic cadets to whispering rock. Become a psyconaut or fail and it'll be worse than death! *cries of background children* (set one year after the game) (CLOSED)
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Lyre19's Psychonauts Discussatory
Just as the title says Pairings, favorites, conspiracies, questions, observations, tips, stories, advice, dreams, muses, whatever! Heck, we can talk about what you had for dinner last night! As long as you're a fan of Psychonauts, you're welcome here!
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Psychonauts, A Place To Pretend
Hey folks. This is for Roleplaying our favorite game, and maybe an original roleplay or two. Everyone is Welcome, rules inside.
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Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp
Welcome to Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, Psi-Cadets! Here, you can hone your skills by exchanging information about the game, talk about the campers and counselors, or set a squirrel on fire! You can talk about your favorite Psychonauts experiences
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Psychonauts Fanfiction Grammies
Come on, come in, come see if you win! The Psychonauts Fanfiction Grammies are here! You vote, you pick, come nominate your favorite fic!
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Your Parents Dropped You Off at the Front Gate
All new Cadets, please come this way. A forum for the newbies to introduce themselves and talk it up with the oldies.
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AKA's Corner Cafe and Other Cheesy Titles
Want to say something to me but you're too lazy to bother reviewing or emailing me? Do it here! Questions, comments, hell, anything and everything is open.
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Nein danke!
You want to use some German sentences in your story? Or let Sasha curse in his mother language? But you never learned German or forgot everything or you just need some informations about culture, country, etc? Just ask me.
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The Scientist and The Dancer
Title based on modern tarot cards. Guess who. Take a hint from my obsession with SashaxMilla. Here, you can: RP, pool story ideas, present concepts or simply speak with fellow SxM fans.
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fanfic requests
Feel free to leave any fanfic requests to me, I'm all ears 1 I don't do male slash, only female 2 Leave smart and constructive reviews, no "oh this sucks balls" reviews
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Yes. Anything Psychonauts related. We Aint' picky.
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Psychic Summer Canp
Get ready for an awesome summer at Whispering Rock! Here you can RP as your favorite character, or even as your own!
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