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Ragnarok: Advent of Chaos
A free-flow RP based on Ragnarok online. Basically a revival of the RAGNAROK LEGENDS RP thread .
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Oh Porings! Ragnarok Fanfiction Writers
Ragnarok writers coughcultcough hangout. Simple as that! For help and to share ideas and whatnot! Let's see if people flock to this forum like a mosquito to a bugzapper...
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Catastrophic Impulses Forum
Anything related to the stories in our C2. Ask questions or rant if you like, the respective authors will try to respond when they can. As usual, I'm just testing this out...
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RO Fandom: A Case Study
Tired of the same old cliches and need to see something new? Got a writing challenge or request for RO writers? Wanna bash the admin me for giving up RO? Are you drunk? Am I asking too many questions? Dive right in!
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You may be addicted to Ragnarok Online if
read this list of crazy things, and add some if you want.
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Ragnarok Online :: Creativity
For discussion about Ragnarok Online as well as my C2 community.
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The Prolong Equilibrium Fourm
A fourm specifically for the story Proling Equilibrium made by ScottTheSwordsman.
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Leon's Fiction Corner
a discussion board for my Ragnarok fictions. Feel free to request stuff I'm vain grins. Just lounge around and don't spam... at least not too much.
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Ragnarok Online Crossover Ideas
Wishing to hear crossover ideas, cud be wid anime, novel, tv show. Anything you want! This forum is also filled with challenges for writers.
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Ragnarok online 2 EU when will it happen
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Ragnarok Online Level Quest
A Ragnarok RP where you can just hang out, talk, submit characters... pretty much do whatever.
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