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Red Dead Redemption: Taming the West
Set in 1911, just after the events of Red Dead Redemption. Industry forces the West to be tamed and bend to its will, including it's inhabitants of bandits, natives, wild-life, miners, travelers and just about everything it can. [I don't make good summaries]
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Red Dead: Renegades
The year is 1887 and the Indian war is still raging on, the West is still untamed, and criminals run rampant. Our story takes place in a small town called Snake's Roost in the region of Paradise Valley, a border valley between Texas and Louisiana with mountains to the North, East, and west with the Rio Bravo to the south. *Completely custom with a developing plot. All welcome*
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The Untamed
Come to the Wild West and learn what it means to be a cowpoke. Or be a degenerate bushwhacker, whatever suits you.
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Red Dead Redemption
Its been three years since the events of John Marston's death, take the role of already established characters or create your own!
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Red Dead Roleplay
The year is 1912. The Wild West is dying. New technology is spreading through the frontier. But even a dying beast can still put up a fight. The West is no different.
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