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Black Death
Shadow Island is a remote island a few hundred miles from Hawaii. It started out as a peaceful island but that all changed when the Zombies attacked. Now a group of survivors must destroy the threat in order to get their island back. New Villager's are welcome! M-Rated
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Resident Evil Roleplay
Roleplay of a zombie invasion! Fun, Fun, Fun! This forum is alive, ALIVE! :
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Resident Evil : Recall
A new virus has broken out. And you are the one chosen to stop it! Pair up with others and RP! Make your own OC or ask for a character from the series. We situate in the game. Also you can RP in normal life or after or in the future!
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Just another roleplay forum for Resident Evil. Profanity filter is turned off and there is some romance. Feel free to join, all members are welcome. We're active and fighting. :P
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Resident Evil RPG
A zombie/mutant horror role-playing game based on Resident Evil. Profanity filter is off, and sometimes includes romantic elements. Message admin with any questions or concerns.
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Resident Evil OC RP
If you want to roleplay in a Resident Evil Scenario, whether A game, movie, or just something u make up, here is the place to sign up. No restrictions, as long as it isn't just insane, but then again, what in Resident Evil isn't insane!
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Resident Evil BSAA Division 6RP
Division 6 is an Elite military Counter Bio-Terrorism Unit within the BSAA that's responsible for covertly travelling around the globe to attack terrorist Bioterrorism threats.
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 1,932 - Since: 08-28-12 - Admin: TheRavager323
Resident evil: All-Star-Universe Brigade
A place where discussion and role-playing for both serious and not-so-serious; Resident evil stuff can take place. Cross-over stuff that can mesh well with survival horror/horror in general can be acceptable if the idea is good.
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Resident Evil: Ghosts of Umbrella
Relive the nightmare that started in 1998 in the forested mountains near a small midwestern town in the United States. Join those who try to stop the terror from spreading and protect the world, or those who wish to spread chaos and death for their own selfish gains with B.O.W.s, it's up to you.
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Resident Evil: Behind the horror
Para los seguidores de esta maravillosa saga de juegos y novelas. Habrá retos, taller de escritores para aquellos que deseen desenvolverse como autores, comentarios, anécdotas y convivencia. Bienvenidos al foro donde destaparemos y explotaremos los rincones más oscuros de la intrincada pero siempre deliciosa trama detrás de Resident Evil. Lo más importante es crecer y disfrutar de la escritura, lectura, y del espacio tan amplio que ha creado Capcom para nuestro entretenimiento.
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Another Order
Dedicated to the much under-appreciated, but intended couple of Resident Evil 2, 4, and 6, LeonAda. Give support to the pairing, promote LeonAda fanfics, or request aid for writing your own LeonAda story.
English - Topics: 34 - Posts: 813 - Since: 12-21-05 - Admin: Donatien Valiarde
Resident Retarted
This is a comedy RP, you pretty much do and say anything funny, while developing a story for an RP
English - Topics: 6 - Posts: 719 - Since: 07-11-06 - Admin: Roxas16
Resident Evil RP
A Resident Evil RP all are welcome
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 549 - Since: 03-20-11 - Admin: Sgt Andy McNab
Resident evil umberlla folds
This is another RE RP...but something has happened Umberella could never have anticipated. Lisa trevor has been turned back and she wants revenge...or at least I would
English - Topics: 15 - Posts: 399 - Since: 04-24-11 - Admin: RealWarpet
The beginning of the end
An RP. Make your OC's and join the story. The Tvirus was not contained, and now the whole US is a biohazard zone. Will anyone escape? Will the virus be stopped?
English - Topics: 7 - Posts: 278 - Since: 05-28-06 - Admin: Tangora
Resident Evil: The atrocities of Umbrella
Survival of Humanity, rests in the hands of the few.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 273 - Since: 12-10-12 - Admin: Shadow of the Spirit
We're SO screwed
A resident evil RP, hope it catches on. Much mind blowingness ahead. You'll enjoy your stay, so come on in. There's nothing to lose. Warning, mature content ahead. it is Resident Evil, after all
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 243 - Since: 09-11-08 - Admin: Mr. Pants
Writing and Resident Evil
A forum for discussion of the games, books, movies, and most of all: writing fanfiction about the game that gave the survival horror genre a jump start. Plot info, character info, help with grammar, betas, and friendly discussion.
English - Topics: 19 - Posts: 199 - Since: 12-26-05 - Admin: Lady-Ithil
Resident Evil Indonesia
Sebuah tempat untuk membahas game RE di sini! Berikan tantangan kepada user lain, RP-ing atau mengobrol bebas diperbolehkan, asal menaati Forum Rules!
Indonesian - Topics: 10 - Posts: 131 - Since: 06-20-12 - Admin: Crven
Resident Evil RP
A Resident Evil RP where anyone can join. Become an agent, a bioterrorist or anything in between as you plan and fight to save - or destroy - the world
English - Topics: 5 - Posts: 90 - Since: 05-29-18 - Admin: An Eternal shadow
Resident Evil Survival (Role Playing)
Welcome to the Post Apocalypse world of Resident Evil! You can play as one of your favourite characters, or make your own amazing character. Come and fight against majini, J'avo, or, if necessary, the Neo Umbrella and/or BSAA agency. Enjoy!
English - Topics: 10 - Posts: 80 - Since: 01-27-13 - Admin: Goth Girl G
Resident Evil: What If? RP
What if Raccoon City wasn't Destroyed? What if it got Worse? What if newer creatures appeared and a new Virus broke out? RP in different What If scenarios.
English - Topics: 1 - Posts: 78 - Since: 01-03-08 - Admin: Fire Monk
Every thing Resident Evil!
Hey! I am a huge Resident Evil Fan So Thats What this place is for. You can talk any thing Resident Evil here! Please remember to keep language and Content sutibale for teens. Thanx
English - Topics: 8 - Posts: 57 - Since: 12-26-05 - Admin: Shadow Willow
Res Evil RolePlay!
An RPG about Resident Evil.
English - Topics: 3 - Posts: 51 - Since: 07-07-12 - Admin: Lord-Skarik
Resident Evil Exodus
Survive Bioterism in many shapes or forms and uncover secrets and conspiracies, If you can.
English - Topics: 4 - Posts: 44 - Since: 04-08-13 - Admin: AceStarKnight
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