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Resident Evil : Recall
A new virus has broken out. And you are the one chosen to stop it! Pair up with others and RP! Make your own OC or ask for a character from the series. We situate in the game. Also you can RP in normal life or after or in the future!
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Resident Evil OC RP
If you want to roleplay in a Resident Evil Scenario, whether A game, movie, or just something u make up, here is the place to sign up. No restrictions, as long as it isn't just insane, but then again, what in Resident Evil isn't insane!
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Resident evil rp
A resident evil rp where you make the storyline. Come join other rpers as you roleplay and form resident evil games that are the creations of the roleplayers themselves.
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Resident Evil RP (Working title)
Start from the very beginning when the nightmare started on that one night in the Arklay Mountains near Raccoon City on a train known as the Ecliptic Express and go through the rest of the Resident Evil timeline. Help fight against the tyranny of Umbrella and its legacy or help spread the terror and chaos.
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