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Rune Haven
This place is for all things Rune Factory. Come on in here and talk about Rune Factory or just to kill some time. Open up here about your opinions and what you think. This is your forum and I want you guys to feel comfortable. Have fun!
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Blossom Village
Blossom Village is slowly dying because of a monster. But the only way to revive it is the villagers rise up to bring Blossom Village back to normal and it needs your help! New Members are welcome! :D
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Rune Factory RP
Create your own character and live in a brand new village! Avilon Village! Fight Monsters, talk with friends, create your own storylines, and have fun! All are welcome!
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Rune Factory:Winds of Fate
You and an unnamed amount of travelers from a caravan are ambushed but when you all wake up and walk around you find yourself at a village name Arencia. Having nothing better to do, you and the rest of the travelers decide to settle down. Or you ar
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Polaris Village: Rune Factory RP
There's a brand new town waiting to be explored. Build a home, start a business, find a friend and maybe even meet your soulmate! There's a whole new life waiting for you. What are you waiting for?
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Rune Factory: Into The Wilderness
In the central of the content Atbetta, there is a isolated Kingdom surrounded by wilderness called Tinnbai. Tinnbai sends out mercenaries as merchants to seek out trade miles through monster infested wilderness to reach other civilizations. Tinnbai has very rich soil and you can often see runeys floating in the air. Sometimes there is so much runeys floating in the air that it forms a rainbow fog. This rainbow fog is no kind giver, for it takes someone with them every time, leaving a huge harvest.
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Rune Factory 3 RP!
A new generation has populated the peaceful town of Sharance, and I need your help with populating it!
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Rune Factory Fanfiction Forum
This is a forum for discussing your Rune Factory fanfiction in a way which should be easier than through reviews. Everyone welcome!
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Rune Factory Chat!
A place for Rune Factory fans to chat, share tips and tricks, answer questions, or have their questions answered!
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Rune Factory Shipping One-Word-Shot Challenge
You take Rune Factory. You take a ship. Mix well, add a time limit and a word associated with the ship, add a few more rules, and serve to many writers who are itching to take on this task! That is how you do the One-Word-Shot Challenge! Details inside.
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Um :3
Talk as much as you like :3. And does anyone know what profanity means?
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Rune Fanatic
A place for the discussion of Rune Factory.
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RF talk
This is basicaly just talking about Rune Factory Frontier
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Rune Factory: I, II, & Frontier
Come here to talk about this exciting video game that gets you addicted from just turning of the game system! No spamming please.
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