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Boarders VS Skiers: Clash on Mt Ivory!
Keep in mind that this is a scenario I thought up. Summary: "Ah, Mt. Ivory, home to the world-famous Fire & Ice Ski Resort, where snowboarders and skiers of all ages pay to do their stuff down the slopes; slalom, slopestyle, and of course, racing. Of course, there's the occasional skier vs snowboarder conflict somewhere on the slopes, which is usually stopped by the ski patrol." You can play as a snowboarder or a skier, maybe even a monoskier, it's how you prefer your characte
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Crow's Nest
A place to talk about everything and anything SSX. Who's your favourite character? Is there a pairing you'd desperately like to see? Do you want to discuss your favourite track? Or are you more interested in arguing about SSX Tricky vs. SSX3? Come on in!
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SSX Central
A forum where all SSX fans can come and express their feelings toward the SSX games. Introduce yourself, give out writer's tips, anything goes here.
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The Yellow Station Lodge
The first forum for SSX in the SSX category! Come into the lodge and talk about your favorite riders, runs, or fanfics.
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