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Samurai Warriors 1, 2, 3, XL RPG
Ieyasu Tokugawa, Ujiayso Hojo, Hideyoshi Hashiba, and Shingen Takeda. These 4 and more are fighting for control of Japan. Whos side will you be on, what will you fight for? Feel free to RP a canon character or an OC, feel free to join!
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Sengoku Jidai
Samurai Warriors RP forum. The land divided between the warring Damiyo and their Samurai. when the dust clears, whom will stand as the leader of Japan. (OCs and Canon accepted) (Canon and Empires RPs allowed)
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Samurai Warriors RP Ninjas and Samurais be ready!
This is a Samurai Warriors Rp are you ready for the fight?
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Just a Place to Chat
When I looked at the SW forum archive and saw the many RP forums, I decided I wanted to create a forum for Samurai Warriors fans to just chat about stuff; favorite characters/pairings/whatever. So here it is!
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Samurai Warriors Couples POLL EDITED
Vote and talk about your favourite SW couple
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The Three Friends
A forum dedicated entirely to Yukimura Sanada, Kanetsugu Naoe and Mitsunari Ishida. Feel free to discuss the characters and fics based on the characters, discussion about the game's other characters and the game series in general.
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Hanzo vs Kotaro
talk about these two ninjas. which one you like more, who you think would win in a fight, or whatever.
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The Sanada Clan
This is a place where you can talk about Samurai Warriors 12 nonstop!
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Way of the Samurai
Who's a better Samurai? Let's see...
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House of SW bishie
This is a house for the SW bishie. Are you a fan? Then please come in and add your bishie.
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