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In an alternate dimension, people are chosen to be Scribblenauts based on 3 key skills; wit, strength and the ability to work under pressure. After attending Scribble Academy, which is run by the famous Maxwell, master of the notebook. But now, tragedy has struck. Maxwell's notebook has gone missing and is now been used to cause chaos and destruction across the Scribblenaut world. Its now up to YOU to help find Maxwell's notebook and save the Scribblenaut world!
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Club ScritchScratch: Scribblenauts Only!
Calling all scribblenauts! Lets show our skills, have a drink, on the house! OC's always welcome! Open FOREVER! No profanity please.
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The Unlimited Hotel
Maxwell, Lily, Edwin, Edgar, Julie, Your OC's. Roleplay as any of the characters! Welcome to The Unlimited Hotel! Have a drink, get a snack, swim, race, dig, drive, fly, and play all day! Enjoy your Stay!
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