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Senran Kagura RP Rebirth
Remade the Senran Kagura RP forum that I used to RP on before it was removed for some reason. Takes place roughly one year after the anime.
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Senran Kagura Resurrection RP
Just me trying to jumpstart a Senran Kagura RP, this is my very first forum so cmon in and chat and have fun!
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Senran Kagura: Homecoming
For those who are fans of the Senran Kagura series and their clothe breaking femme fatales, welcome to the Senran Kagura: Homecoming, where you can attend one of the three Shinobi Academies of either Hanzo, Gessen, or Hebijo and interact with your favorite kunoichis.
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Senran Kagura: The Roleplay!
Come here and make some busty stealth mayhem! Choose from some RPs or create your own. MOD RECRUITMENT IS OPEN.
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Senran Kagura: Ultimate Shinobi
Join the girls of Hanzo as they train to become the ultimate team of Shinobis. And face the challenges of other Shinobi schools, Shinobi from a certain tournament and Reincarnated fighters from the three kingdoms!
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Senran Kagura Mafia
Several ninjas wake up in an unidentified school with no memories. Not knowing who to trust or what to do, infighting erupts...
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