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Silent Hill RP
Hey, this is a Silent hill RP enjoy.
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Silent Heaven
Come and chat about any of the Silent Hill games. Share ideas, theories, and secrets, or ask for help. Great for inspiration and interpretation of the current four games. The original Silent Hill forum.
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Silent Hill: Taking us through to the Other Side
A Silent Hill fan forum created on a whim, come on by and discuss the world of Silent Hill, explore the town through role playing, or just hang about like a lump if you feel like it. Not sure how long this'll go or if it'll get off the ground, but hey, might as well take a shot in the dark right?
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RP:Welcome to Silent Hill, Were your nightmares co
This is my first and hopefully to stay alive Silent Hill RP plz join
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Silent Hill RPG
Based off the movie and the game, everyone is welcome!
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Love of Red Pyramid
Everyone who loves Red Pyramid, I have this strange weakness for villians in movies...
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Silent Hill Movie RPG!
It's a forum for RPGing the Silent Hill Movie
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Silent Hill Roleplay
Silent Hill RP will be here :3
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Silent Hill RP
Join our heroes or villains as they dare to cross into the town that is the meaning of evil itself.
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silent hill topics!
this is a place where you can talk about some Silent hill stories or you are just trying to find a story.Then you can also discuss about your favorite couples who knows.
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Welcome to Silent Hill
Talk about Silent Hill and your favorite game of the series.
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Silent Hill Own Adventures
Pretty Much upload plots for your own SH 'adventure'. Rules and my own plots laterr!
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Future Silence
Now, I don't know if you noticed this, but Silent Hill 3 takes place in 2016. Want to find out why? Leave a topic.
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Discuss other games that are similar to the Silent Hill genre that are not listed on the categories.
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Fukuro Lady & Friends
I'm not encouraging anyone to watch it, but the mystery of the fukuro lady and other oddities of the Silent Hill series. Just wondering for those who do know of the video, what their take on it.
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Oh god.
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The Meeting
I have had people review the work I write now I want to hear the reviewers thoughts, I want to see how you all think this story should go on. Thank you Belmont2500 for giving me this idea.
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Silent hill: Violent Visions
A place for anyone who has enjoyed my violent visions story so far to give me tips/ just discuss.
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What do you think of my RP character?
okay so I was invited to participate in a Silent Hill RP heres my character
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Silent Hill
Anything, and everything about or even remotely about Silent Hill.
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Silent Hill Chatterbox
Will Harry ever find out what was in that fridge? Come here to find out and discuss the mysteries and fun times of Silent Hill. Crack is more than welcome and even encouraged.
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Welcome to the quint little town of silent hill where all your dreams... Shit sorry I mean nightmares become a reality here in this rp you will make freinds and you will make enemy's but most of all you'll make memory's
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