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Champions of Skylands
Where masters of the portals gather. This is a forum devoted to the sharing of ideas, pertaining to real life, Internet life, love life, Unlife, or otherwise. Everyone welcome to create threads. Disruptors of the peace will be blocked and banished to the Outlands.
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Skylanders 101
Basically, anything goes! RolePlays, funfacts, anything! Don't be shy, come on by. :D (Yeah, I know that was corny...)
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Skylanders: Next Generation
10 years after the first Skylanders had been defeated, Master Eon has been locked away in Tartarus by Kaos, who has taken over all of Skylands. A new group of heroes shall arise to defend Skylands and save Master Eon. Only when the 8 Sacred Elemental treasures are found, shall Kaos be defeated. Are you up to the challenge of defeating Kaos with your fellow Portal Masters and Skylanders? Or... will Kaos reign supreme?
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Portal Masters Unite
The Darkness has returned, and the Skylands have been tainted by corruption. Only the Portal Masters, the link between the Skylands and Earth, can stop it. Open RP, all are welcome!
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The Common Room
Like minded individuals gather here to discuss anything Skylanders. Join us as we talk about the games, characters and related items. From the serious to the silly we have something for everyone. Role plays are as welcome as the serious topics.
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skylanders: return of reaxs
its after skylanders reaxs was the first human to be in the dragon real and after the heros tail game he had vanished when the one cynder came in but now he has returned
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Skylanders Academy RP
Greetings Portal Masters! Kaos has once again begun a plot to take over the skylands, with an endless ammount of erratic Doomlanders! We need a new genertion of Portal masters to fightthis menace. Will you join us? (Skylanders HS RP. OC skylander and portal masters welcome!)
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Skylanders: Rise of the Anti-Portal Master
Long ago Eon sealed away the Anti-Portal masters after a long fought battle with the Skylanders. Now Kaos has broken the seal and unleashed them. To keep his plans from being foiled he has managed to bring all Portal Masters to Skylands. Now make your team of Skylanders to stop Kaos and the Anti-Portal Masters.
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Skylanders and Portal Masters
As a new villain appears, Eon decides that he can not be the only Portal Master defending Skylands. He then decides to bring Portal Masters from Earth to Skylands. Will you join the fight against this villain? Skylanders and Portal Masters unite!
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Shipping - anything interesting?
Trying to find out some more interesting pairings than the usual
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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Discussion Forum
For anyone who feels this game needs more love in the fandom. I don't see why older Spyro fans don't like it - it's fun and and downright joy to play, almost as good as Spyro's glory days. Spyro/Cynder within the Skylanders Universe is permitted.
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Portal Master Battles
Basically, this is where Portal Masters can come together to battle in epic contests, battling with both themselves and their Skylanders. Anybody can use any type of battle style, but only use one for each topic. People can also chat and stuff like that, and I don't mind contests or challenges either. Just do what you want.
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Forum of Skylands
Welcome to my Forum of Skylands. There you can talk about anything what is related to the Skylanders series. You can also talk about my and other writers' stories related to Skylanders. General topics which aren't related to any category of games, TV series, books etc. are also acceptable. Any vulgar or offensive comments will be deleted so please be nice and look after your language culture. Comments about sport's and political news will be also deleted. Check my profile for more info about me.
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Update 2 Forum
this foum is for Q and A and general discussion of Lily Windwave's fanfic Skylanders: Update 2
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