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Between Darkness and Shadows (A Slenderman-Creepypasta RP forum)
Resilia is a rather large town nestled high in the Azure moutain ranges. However not everything is as it seems. The town is still recovering from a devastating fire that claimed many lives and several people are still missing. While the town is rebuilding something is preying on the people of the town. Something...between darkness and shadows...
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The Dark Side of Rose Valley (a Slenderman Role-play)
Disappearances, strange murders, something evil comes, no, it has already arrived, will you try fight it? or merely become one of the victims?
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Slender Crossover RP
A huge, Slendy Crossover RP... enjoy!
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ask splenderman
ask splendy your questions and he will answer. possibly. he prefers childish questions.
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the slenderverse
this is a topic on the marble hornets, everymanHYBRID, tribetwelve, and many others. I'm not sure if you can make a story on this, but this is all I got.
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¡Creepy House!
¡Primer foro de los creepy-pastas en español! ¡Vamos a rolear así bien genial! Nos haremos amiguitos (*risitas traviesas*). Para los RP's manden un PM para poder coordinar los personajes. ¡Empecemos bien!
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In The Shadows (Creepypasta RP)
Join Slendy and the rest of the Creepy family in their sanity-deprived, dysfunctional everyday lives! Come RP as your favourite pastas and have fun! Pairings are to be decided, some OCs may be accepted, if they fit with the other pastas xox
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A Demon child and a Exe Hedgehog
so we all know about the story of I eat eat pasta for breakfast so i make a making a spin-off version of it
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Slender love story Er und ich
ihr werdet alles über slender und mir wissen
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Ideas for stories.
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