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This is a Slender role play. I wrote this role play seeing there are no there active ones. I need help getting this set up so I could do with a couple of locations where this can be set up. One of the Roleplayers asked about details so I'll post them: This is a story where complete and total strangers meet in a strange twist of fate, all meeting in one location (that will have to be voted on) and surviving slender.
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Between Darkness and Shadows (A Slenderman-Creepypasta RP forum)
Resilia is a rather large town nestled high in the Azure moutain ranges. However not everything is as it seems. The town is still recovering from a devastating fire that claimed many lives and several people are still missing. While the town is rebuilding something is preying on the people of the town. Something...between darkness and shadows...
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Everything Slenderman & Creepypastas
For talking, sharing ideas, roleplaying, (keep it to seperate topics made just for that) and writing other various creepypastas.
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Slender Crossover RP
A huge, Slendy Crossover RP... enjoy!
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