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Sly Cooper RP: Back On Track
The Cooper Gang is done with only Cooper himself being left to thieve. He needs a new gang. Think you can make the cut?
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The New Generation
With the Cooper Gang retired, who will step up to claim the legendary title of "Master Thief"? Join the criminal underground and make a name for yourself or side with Interpol and stop those criminals dead in their tracks!
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Medea's Thievius Raccoonus RolePlay
This is for everyone who submited an OC and wants to RolePlay, as me and gw1000 started and it was his idea...yeah
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New Gang on the Block
The Cooper gang is retired and new Thieving gangs are taking over. Make an OC and band together to take down teh Sunderous Seven, Supernatural Six, Fierce Five, Furious Four, Terrible Three, Thunderous Two, and the Omega One
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Thieves of the Sly Variety
Come one, come all, here is my first Sly Cooper RP! Come to RP, chat, and other shenanigans involving Sly Cooper. Canons Available (EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER), all you have to do is ask! - at least 4 more people needed.
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Of Cops and Thieves Forum
Be the law and fight to uphold it. Be the thief to work in the dark, serving the light. Or be neither. The choice is yours.
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Sly Cooper Forums Games, challenges, RPing, etc
Welcome to my second forum. Please come in, feel free to make your own challenges, and get plenty of ideas!It now allows gossip, gaming, rpg play!
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masters of the theivieus racoonus
make your own member of the cooper clan and have fun in the awesome chaos
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Sly Cooper Forums
Okay this is a forums, where you can discuss about Sly Cooper. I really want to know all your opinions about Sly. POST YOU GUYS!
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Sly Cooper Characters
Calling all Sly Cooper Fans! This is a forum that YOU, yes YOU, are the Sly Cooper characters. You post a request and tell you're personality and which character you think it would match with. Only one person per character!
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Sly Cooper challenge forums
Use these forums to post your own challenges, and try some of mine. Post as manny as you want and see how well you can REALLY play Sly games.
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Cooper Family OC Forum
Got a made-up member of the Cooper Family but can't find a place to talk about him/her? This is the place for you! Talk about your made-up Cooper member, do RPG's with him/her, and more right here!
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For Sly's Fans Only
If you're a fan of anyone from Sly Cooper games, then you've come to the right place. Take a step inside and breathe cause you're allowed to. Hope someone other than me is a big Sly Cooper fan!
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For Sly Cooper fans!
if you're a fan of sly cooper than this is the place for you. favorite charater, or favorite level, come here!
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The Thievius Raccoonus Forum
A place to talk about the ringtail and ancestors. Let's have fun! One condition, NO COMPLAINING OR SWEARS! CLEAR? good.
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Cooper Clan
What do you think the previous members of the Cooper Clan were like?
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Sly Cooper Character Pictures
Basicly just a place where you can post pictures of your Sly Cooper characters.
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Why I like Sly Cooper
Basically, a discussion about why you're here as an author, or reviewer, for Sly fics.
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sly is snazztastic
SNAZZTASTIC. sombody start up one of those totally moronic, anythingcanhappen, endless sly cooper story things like on ign, ok? PLEASE
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Scarrryyyy, fear sly cooperrrrr, fear the cheesseee... Fear THE RANDOMNESS! agg!
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Kings of Power
I just was bored and put this forum here to see if people liked my story as much as they said. Here you can discuss Sly, RE4, and JAKX, or Kings of Power. Have fun.
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A battle ground where all vendettas can be settled without polluting the review boards
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Cooper Heaven
Like Sly Cooper? Then you've come to the right place.
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WC's sly cooper fanfic forum
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Sly and Co
Chat about anything to do with Sly Cooper!
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