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Sonic OC RolePlay Station
This is my first RP forum. In this 'station', we do role-play with our Sonic OC. Anyone is welcomed with open arms. Note that we mostly go for T-rated. Admin (and maybe Moderators and members) of this forum also do not tolerate lemons and trolls.
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Sonic characters and CrossOvers
Come here to roleplay as your favorite Sonic characters. Also, there are threads for your OCs and superheroes.
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Sonic Etc
role playing Sonic general sonic story...more specific category fom differnt games soon...two parts one following the games, one not
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Be a Character II
Welcome to the sequel of Be a Character! Come here to roleplay with Sonic characters or your OCs (Own Characters/Creations). There also many other activities to take part in such as parties, making new friends, creating your very own topics, and much more! [Forum is rated K - T]
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Your Other Characters
Here, you can share characters that you have made up yorself! So please share. P.S.Only constructive critisism, no flames towards other people's magnificent creations please.
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Sonic and Friends
Anything to do with Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cosmo, or anyone in the Sonic universe. Let me know what you'd like to see here.
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Relaxin Cafin
Welcome to the Relaxin Cafin, where you can order your favorite drink and talk to Sonic OC's around the globe. No violence allowed in the place at all times. Come on in, take a seat, order a drink, and talk to your friends. Warning:No alchol, that causes
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Sonic RP and stuff
Role play as a Sonic Character or maybe you Sonic OC character.
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Sonic OC RPG
This is an RPG forum for Sonic OCs. You must introduce and I must approve your OC before you can stay at the Inn. NOW AN X-OVER, I AM JUST LAZY
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Roleplay as your self insert, persona, fan character, or original character here. The purpose of this roleplay is to break the fourth wall and interact with canon characters such as Sonic, Shadow, Mephiles etc. Canon characters can be requested. Read the rules and sign up in the applicable threads. Newcomers are welcome.
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The RP Experience
Any Storyline, Any Character, Everyone Welcome! For those who are sick of sinking RP forums, come join the fun!
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the new adventures of sonic and austin
austin, once a human, now a green hedgehog, must side with sonic and his friends as he fights evil and faces challenges greater than he ever thought possilble. everyone is welcomed here. you can create your own topics, roleplay your OC and your favorite sonic characters. enjoy!
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Kelviniana: Home of ( ・ω・)
Sanctuary in the Skies. You can see the Ice Cap from here. We are your hub world to everything Sonic, save for RP. Tip of the Day: We're not laughing. We don't even know where to run.
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OC World
A world of OCs and stuff.
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Sonic RPG
Come on in and create a character and role play along side others.
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Sonic OC School
When some OCs go to school on Mobius, chaos endures. As always.
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Come in. rp all youw want. it's remake of my last one
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You like madness? PLEASE come in!
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Planetary Pieces of His World - Roleplay
Defeating and causing an evil genius to throw a tantrum, saving the world from possible darkness and doom, and delving into deep relationships and realities... who wouldn't want all that excitement? Play as your favourite canon or OC characters in regular, special, couple, or crossover roleplays! Newcomers welcome!
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Sonic Cast: You Ask, We Answer!
Ever wondered what Sonic ACTUALLY does when he's not goofing around and defeating Eggman? Does Metal Sonic really hate Sonic as much as he claims to? This is the forum to end those questions. All characters up for audition except for Shadow and Maria.
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The OC Chronicals: RP
OCs of all kinds will be accepted, just make sure you follow the rules. Of course, you can create your own RPs here.
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Sonic Debates!
Ok, I'm starting my first forum so I expect visitors please! This will be a debate based on Sonic characters. Everyone is welcome! NO FLAMES!
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Sor's RPG of OCs
Okay guys. My first. Ever. Input. Now, I want you to breath deeply... And role play! This is an adventure of adventures that anyone can edit! Romance, humor, drama… this one is bound to have it all! UPDATE: Closed, sorry. Redirect to the forum managed by my friends and I.
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Cosmo's The Best!
This is for Cosmo! Please come back we love you!
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The Emerald saga Rp!
A cross dimensional journey to stop Sonic the hedgehog's rule. Current arcs: Sol dimension arc:The order of Sol arc. Chaos dimension arc: Central city under attack arc
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